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Sep 4, 2008
Melbourne, Victoria
I'm back! joined BigD in 2009, left during the dying days of PR. Work and Home life took over (5 year wedding anniversary coming up and we have a 1 year old daughter now)
thought I would jump on and check out squad whilst it's free this weekend. Looks pretty good, I'll buy it whilst it's on sale, see you out there!


Squad Admin
Apr 15, 2016
Name: Daniel
Age: 26
Location: New Zealand, Manawatu
Occupation: Massage Therapist, Father/ Jack of some trades..

I am glad to join you all! I just won a key for the game Squad through the BigD gaming Discord.
Thanks again so much guys I very much appreciate it and am looking forward to seeing you ingame!
Welcome to the family mate, ya lucky bastard
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Nov 13, 2016
Name: Remzi
Age: 17
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Full Time Student, Applied for ADFA

I just got the game and it seems wonderful hope to see you on soon!
Nov 11, 2016
IGN: Lt.Lery
Loc: Clarkson(near Perth)

Occ: Cleaner at Ocean keys shopping center(clarkson)

Pr:been playing some milsim for quite a while and I really love playing squad got awesome VOIP and also really lots of fun on some squads that i've been and this game never gets me bored.
Nov 14, 2016
G'day everyone, joined your servers on the squad free weekend.

Yoyo showed me the ropes in a noob squad :)

Picked up squad last night and will jump on when I can ( don't get much gaming time these days ).

Filthy Crab

Squad Admin
uC. Clan
Jan 30, 2016
Great to seen some new face around here! Look forward to chatting it up on the discord with you boys, come by if you've got any questions or would just want to DnM.
G'day Guys!

I'm Jayhawker, or Jay, for short. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, but I moved here after graduating from Williams College MA. I'm 24, I have a wife named Sinead and a son on the way! I live in Adelaide and have recently payed off my mortgage (wow!). I work as a Creative Director at an advertising company that has done such things as the Hilltop Hoods music videos, Wolf Creek, and the redevelopment of the South Australian 'brand'. I've played PR since the original BigD server but on a different name Now I'm here to play Squad! Can't wait to see you guys ingame.

See ya soon!
Aug 2, 2016
G'day Fellas,

Stinky Pete here but i've typically changed my name randomly, so that's not set in stone lol, sadly my real name is Rowan, not Pete

34, living in Hornsby, Sydney

Signed up as a Sapper in the Army back around 2004 or so, but shortly found myself switching over to Fire & Rescue NSW where I have stayed for 11 years now. Although my substantive rank has 2 stripes on my shoulders for the last 2 years I have been working an Officer role as a CFBT instructor. My responsibilities include all forms of practical and theory training for existing crews but primarily recruits, as well as other emergency services country wide.

It's an exciting and challenging role, as we walk all recruits through all their live fire exercises, challenging them in their first potentially fatal environments.

We also train local Army and Navy crews, and design training materials for all arms of the Military.

I've played a lot of the milsims over the years, especially the Red Orchestras.

Live with my ladyfriend, but i'm not a breeder, so no kids that i'll take responsibility for without a paternity test, and none on the horizon lol.

I'm a solid team player, and I love a bit of a joke and chat, as long as the job gets done. Feel free to make requests when you see me in the field, i'm not one to piss and moan about what i'm doing, let my ego carry me away or sit there to massage a nice k/d etc. I get most enjoyment from a section working well together, win or lose.

I can lead when necessary, but to be honest I just sit inside burning buildings all day, so most weeknights when you see me online I have just the energy to play, but i'm usually too rooted to lead D:

Anyway, don't be a stranger, see you all out there.
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May 9, 2008
PR: Shady
Squad: Shady / Sir Shady

Oh hai.
I Figure I should re-introduce myself seeing as I've been MIA for the last few years.

Having joined BigD in early 2008, I've been playing Project reality on and off and shitposting on these forums for a few years. For some time I was part of the [bD] clan.
I've recently been getting back into it quite heavily with a few buddies. I was persuaded over the weekend to give Squad a second chance due to all the improvements being made. So far I'm really loving it!

Generally you'll see me leading squads, grenadier whoring or dropping cheeky F-bombs to encourage people over local chat.
Nov 19, 2016
Lightspeed here.
Usually play Arma 3 with Task Force Dingo and a huge Ghost Recon (original) fan.
I have been watching Squad for a while now and thought I would jump in and give it a good go - hoping to work with Squads not run around with 'ken idiots, so looking for the serious players who are also chilled (it's a game afterall).
Chillsim? Yeh, maybe that's it.
C u ingame.


Nov 21, 2016
Hi all,

JIMJAM from the BOJA crew here, I Roll with Garg, PO and The Danger Zowen. ARMA player come to Squad from the free weekend. Loving the D so far. Working on my SL skills. See you on the battlefield!
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Nov 24, 2016
hello. thanks for hosting quality servers with players who are willing to help new comers. seeking to join some of the password protected servers when no places are open on your regular servers. i'd appreciate any advice. once again thanks for the positive vibe when playing your servers....i'm really enjoying squad.


Nov 11, 2016

The name is Solis-Helios.
Only been PC gaming for a few years so still bit of a noob for most things gaming. I like playing multi-player, team based games that you can chill n kill, enjoy good camaraderie and not be ultra serious all the time and accomplish something whether you win or lose.
Came across squad a month before its steam launch in a random steam post and it sounded a little to good to be true but was surprised by what I found. After taking a break from Squad a few months after its release I came back to find vehicles added, a first optimisation pass and most of the action was on the BigD servers and that things had matured and developed both in players and tactics. I mainly play medic(90% of the time) or rifleman but see the need to learn to squad lead with confidence and competence as many are burning out or not willing to try.

Look forward to rolling with you guys,

Sol out.


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Technical Officer
May 29, 2016

Real Name: Eddie
Age: 19
Location: Brisbane

Forgot to fill one of these out back in the day.
Ex - BF4 League X360 player
Bad/10 League of legends player
Payday 2 and its DLC is a bad addiction of mine.

Love teamwork and jolly co-operation. HMU for Booze and Banter
Aug 1, 2007
Real Name: Damien
Age: 26
Location: Melbourne

Squad name: Minister Of Silly Walks

Joined up here over 9 years ago to play PR. Now I'm back in with Squad, which is creating some of those classic teamwork moment that made me join this community in the first place.
Its a great game when your playing "Truck Driving Simulator: Fallujah Edition", SL is building his dream FOB, and the rest of the squad are having a smoke grenade rave party.
Never change BigD.
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Jan 24, 2017
Real Name: Duncan
Age: 32
Location: Sydney

Been playing Squad for a year and have seen BigD servers are always there. So I figured I'd give the community a go. Looking forward to playing with you guys
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