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Hey everyone,

My name is Michael Tsarouhas, I am the lead game designer on Insurgency: Sandstorm. As we said in our previous post, we’re still hard at work optimizing the game and fixing bugs. But on this day, April 1st, we wanted to take a moment to show off some exciting new content we’ve been cooking up on the side.

Get ready for our brand new game mode…Frenzy

What is Frenzy?

Frenzy is a brand new cooperative mode for Insurgency: Sandstorm where players must fight against brutal enemy AI who are only armed with melee weapons. Instead of using worn out 40 year old AKMs, WWII era Mosins, and the same boring old high lethality weapons, enemies are armed only with Kukris and a menacing bloodlust for players. They’ll spread out, encircle, and charge to take you down. It’s just like your favorite zombie modes from other FPS games, which is a very good marketing angle for us provides for unique, exciting, dynamic gameplay!

What makes Frenzy special?

What makes Frenzy special is surely its special enemies:

The Jumper


The Jumper can leap into another dimension unintelligible to us...only to come back in the real world closer to you and brandishing a huge knife. He moves fast and teleports faster. Some have sought enlightenment, and tried to peer into the interdimensional rifts in our world which the Jumper creates when he teleports. Unfortunately, whatever they’ve seen has only driven them insane. So don’t look too closely, but also don’t blink.

The Bruiser


The Bruiser wasn’t always a Bruiser. In a past life, he was actually quite the playboy. Gifted with a tall build, good taste in clothing, and a natural charm, he was a regular hunk of a man. Nobody knows what put him into his frenzy. Maybe his vanity drove him mad. Maybe the imposition of authority which the Security represents threatened his free spirit. Maybe his helmet is possessed by the furious tormented soul of a dead soldier murdered by a comrade. Regardless, he’s very angry. And big.

The Flamer


The Flamer is a guy who is constantly on fire and explodes into Molotov flame if he dies. We thought it would be scary if there was like, if like one of them was just always screaming from being on fire. And y’know he’d be like running at you all the time “Aaah aaaaah!” trying to kill you. And you’d have to shoot him before he gets too close. He doesn’t have a backstory.

When can we play Frenzy?


Thanks very much and we hope you enjoy Frenzy!

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