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Sep 6, 2007
Very nice War! I'm jealous.

I've got a fossil of early Triassic Dicriodium leaves (odontopteroides species) that we dated to roughly 242-238Ma in class. They were taken from the Dinmore Claypit, which is still an active quarry today. The Dicroidium was found in nice fine grained siltstone, and there was another layer of sed just a few meters away from where I was digging where people found things from the late Jurassic (I think).
I found the Dicriodium in a random siltstone pile surrounded by coal tailings that had been carted in from different areas - so I don't actually know where these leaves fell.

In the first pit we were fossicking in, I found two fairly good fossils of some other species of Dicroidium. But they were too small to tell exactly what, as you need to find evidence of veins and patterns in the leaves.
They were in the 250-300Ma vicinity going from my memory of the prac booklet.

I would actually have more info, but I had to hand the workbook in to be marked.

Where exactly did you find them War, would be interesting to go have a look.
It was certainly interesting in class to see how you compare recent plants to extinct plants to determine paleo climates and atmospheres etc.
you need to come get some gravel out of the creek with me :) big rock came from here the fish I found came from here years ago
Mar 30, 2008
Yeah I will do one day!

I never saw myself interested in Paleo until I took this course, and so far I'm loving it. I'm currently writing a journal article on the earliest Marsupials and their ancestors the Metatherians. All about their distribution through the world, as marsupials did not originate in Australia (or back then Gondwana).
Aug 15, 2013
Gold Coast

G500 is a great mouse, had one for a while, but it died so then I bought a DeathAdder, I love it, have bought 3 over time. This is my current one.
Aug 15, 2013
Gold Coast
Not sure if this count's as a purchase in the sense of this thread, but I had to pay cash money for it yo.

Socks and sandals, bringing sexy back.

After I got it back from the panel beater's

Good as new

Mar 28, 2008
Perth, WA
Well, I've got a bit spaz on the purchasing of late...
<deep breath>
Tourlite 'The Escape' camper trailer (perfect for the Focus) The best value family camper trailer on the market
GoPro Black+
Thrusmaster HOTAS Warthog
2 x ASUS 23" MX239Hs
1 x Samsung Pro 256GB
2 x WD Black 2TB
DCS Blackshark
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
Dear Esther
Supreme Commander 2
Wargame European Escalation & Airland Battle (may've mentioned those two before)
</deep breath>

Looking to add a 3rd MX239H to the list and either finish my PC upgrades or get one of these Reid Harrier Full Custom Singlespeed / Fixie with Deep Section Wheels
Sep 6, 2007
new pc .. at last, no graphic card yet :( yes its blue :)

AMD FX-6300 BLACK Edition 6 Core Design 3.50Ghz / 4.10Ghz Turbo Core 14MB Cache Socket AM3+ Price $ 148

FUJITSU 128GB SSD S308 SSD128GB Read/Write 550/500MB/S 2.5inch RETAIL Price $ 99

GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 AMD 760G Intergrated Video DVI/HDMI DDR3 1333Mhz (OC) USB3.0 7.1HDAudio AM3+ Price $ 85

and got 8GB more ram taking me up to 12GB

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