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Mar 30, 2008
Hey mate. It's hard to tell really since it differs more from brand to brand than it does style to style.
The boots I got today are US12s (UK11.5), but I think I'm normally about US11.5 in my runners. I got US10.5 for my 5.10 Bike shoes, and they're really small and put a squeeze on my feet.

I haven't had a problem getting half sizes instore, but again I guess it depends on the store and their stock levels. Places like Myers where they don't specialise in shoes, you'll probably find they don't stock many half sizes.
But proper shoe shops will definitely have what you need, and they can measure your foot for you - the guy did it today and brought out the right size straight up.

I think generally you'd want to go slightly higher in the boot. I like to wear nice thick socks to give more padding, and possibly on this trip I might wear 2 pairs (a thin inside pair and a thicker wool outside pair) to cut down in blisters/hot spots. So you'd want to get a little extra room for that.
Mar 30, 2008
No worries mate. I'd really recommend going instore for a pair of boots though. If you get dodgy non-fitting boots, it will make your life miserable out on the trails - or even dangerous if you're on your own.


Oct 29, 2011
Looks like somewhere in Austria/Switzerland.
Close! It's actually in the dolomites, so the Italian alps, but really close to the Austrian border. (used to be apart of Austria before WW1)
Really scenic, would be amazing for skiing in winter..
Sep 10, 2010
Well after playing ice hockey in Adelaide a few years a go I really got into but then I move to Victoria and moved to the country and obviously the bloody ice rink is a 3 hour drive from me now not going to be doing that every time I want to go for a skate. So I have finally decided I will get into inline hockey and my first purchase the skates so I just got some nice Bauer x60s
Mar 30, 2008
Doing pretty good so far!
Sick view mate, mine are going great as well. I found a small tear between the sole and the side near the front after day 2, but it looks like the glue has failed in a small part. Hasn't got any bigger over the following 5 days - I've got photos and I'm going to email Merryl when I get home to see what can be done.
Lots of spinifex, some of it waist high in this field site and only one really sharp spine has made it into my boot through one of the side vents, which is actually really good considering how much there is.
Also the soles are holding up heaps well, been walking on really sharp cleaved shale and quartizite and haven't had any significant damage yet. Lots of walking and climbing cliffs etc.
Mar 28, 2008
Perth, WA
Got this on Friday


Only downside to it is, Halo requires a 19GB update, Forza 5 requires a 9.5GB update, Assassins Creed required a 6.4GB update and that's all before you can even play SP...

[edit] - went to swap/trade Watchdog at EB and they said $5.50 in store credit...yeah no thanks.


Sep 26, 2009
Bauhn 50" HD TV from Aldi.

$529 is cheap, but is great for the money.

So many reviews had poor audio and picture quality, but for me there is no tearing, no pixelation or ghosting and sound level 15/50 is plenty loud enough..


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