Level Editor Phase 1! + Update

Where have you been?
Hey all!
We apologize for being MIA for a while, we didn’t have all that much to show for last month due to working purely on the editor but here’s what we are currently up to.
- Updated unity to 2018! (soon we will be able to make shaders and cool stuff a lot faster).
- Base foundation of the editor is done!
- 3 of the 6 themes are fairly populated with assets.
- Currently in the process of getting an office (this means we can possibly hire more developers!) the 3 of us are extremely excited about potentially growing our team, however this wont be for quite some time.

Yes, the editor works, but it's still rather buggy so please save your maps often, things may go wrong so please be patient and we will get fixes out when we can, for now the editor is for you all to play with and get creative. We wont baby you with the editor because we know you are all intelligent human beings, however a tutorial will come along with many stability fixes and new assets to work with!

What is in the editor so far?
Glad you asked, currently its bare bones but useable (fingers crossed) this is early access and including everyone in this process will help us fix and evolve the editor as it progresses. (NOT ITS FINAL FORM!)
- One terrain (grass). No terrain manipulation just yet.
- 6 themes with 3 being populated a lot more than others.

What’s to come?
We have many crazy ideas and things we would love to add but here is the current list of things we still need to add.
- Music selection
- Skybox/theme selection + terrain type
- Terrain manipulation (painting and sculpting mountains, etc.)
- MORE assets for the current themes
- Even more themes!
- Special asset items
- Currently I have taken animated animals, etc. out but they will return
- Game mode types
- Heaps more! But ill keep them a secret for now!

Known issues
- Possible issue with mac saving and loading maps
- Sometimes controls may freeze up in the editor
- You need to save before you publish
- Camera sometimes removes itself
- Items getting stuck when scrolling
- Some objects dont rotate
- Location, rotation and scale numbers dont update when initially placing objects
- Pars dont update in the editor
- No way to adjust custom settings just yet

[Added] Stage one level editor and workshop support
[Added] Invite only option for online games

[Fixed] Workshop map selection now scales for other ratios
[Fixed] Falling through the map on workshop maps
[Fixed] Sawmill walls

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