HLL May Closed Beta Changelist!

Hey everyone,

The final Hell Let Loose closed beta is here!

Running from now until Tuesday May 28th 11am BST / 6am ET / 3am PT, Backer and Pre-order players can get stuck into our new map Foy for the first time as well as trying out our latest updates to the game.

Not seen Foy yet? Check out our map spotlight trailer here:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgj9xjQpPTE&feature=youtu.be

Changelist – New Content & Known Issues

New Content
  • New map - Foy
  • Vaulting & Mantling has been added to the game
  • Character Model Updates
  • SFX Changes – As part of our ongoing audio work
  • Map Rotation enabled
  • Animation bug fixes
  • Garrison and OP placement changes
  • Tank scale adjustment – Increased scale to mimic their real-life counterparts.
  • Supply drop model changes
  • Initial UI and HUD Changes in some areas
  • ‘Ping’ system for Officers
  • Shot from indicator
  • Misc bug fixes

Garrison and OP placement changes

To encourage and support the placing of spawn points we’ve made some quality of life adjustments to give Officers and Commanders more flexibility on the frontline.
  • Officers can now place OPs without a unit member being near them.
  • Commanders can now build Garrisons, assuming they have the required supplies available to them.
Ping system for Officers

Officers can now press the middle mouse button to make a temporary marker that lasts a few seconds. This is to help Officers lead their unit in hectic and close combat encounters, or for instructing their unit on placing deployables in the desired location.

Known Issues
  • A chance for performance issues under heavy server load – We are aiming to push out a hotfix this afternoon to remedy this issue.
  • If a server rotates map whilst no users are on the server, the map in the server browser screen will display inaccurately until a user joins the server
  • Server Browser will only display the 25 servers closest geographically or with the lowest ping to the user
  • Some users may experience some audio distortion on VoIP after extended playtime
  • Some instances where users may become stuck in level geometry in Foy and will need to redeploy
  • Other minor issues

Your feedback is important to us so let us know your thoughts and experiences on the beta here.

For bug reports please use our ‘Report a Problem’ sub-forum.

The final closed beta for Hell Let Loose has begun, we’ll see you on the frontline!

Hell Let Loose is available to Wishlist now:

View: https://store.steampowered.com/app/686810/Hell_Let_Loose/

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