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Hey, friends!

We’ve been busy with tomorrow's update, but we decided to write this sort of a behind-the-scenes blog post to give you a chance to get to know us a bit. We love our community (we’re gonna make #scummunity happen eventually, just you wait) and we want you guys to know we are real people with faces and opinions and not just “a company”, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little insight into what our everyday life at Gamepires looks like.

Ever since SCUM was released into early access, our workload has been growing exponentially, so naturally we decided to hire more people, but to actually do that, we would first need a bigger office. Our current office is a small refurbished apartment which, while fun and cozy, means we can’t just hire as many people as we need and we had to find a new home! And we have – we have found a place that suits all our needs. The renovations have taken more time than expected, but hopefully we’ll be able to move in by January!

Let me introduce myself first – I’m Tena and I’m the marketing manager at Gamepires. That means I’m directly responsible for all our marketing activities, whether they’re company or game related. I work closely with Josip, our community manager, who’s responsible for all our social media activities. In theory. In practice, it looks kind of like this: Josip makes a meme and sends it to me asking if it’s appropriate to tweet. Nine times out of ten it’s not. He tweets it anyway, cackling at his desk. The meme is funny, so I let it slide.

Here’s a photo of Josip and me at a company dinner. I tweeted out this photo and people screamed at us that we shouldn’t be eating out when the game isn’t finished yet. We got drunk just to spite them.

Ivona is one of our new hires. She’s an amazingly talented 2D artist capable of creating beautiful art, whether it’s visuals for our booths at expos, in-game tattoos, concept art, or memes for Josip. The three of us together are The Meme Team. No one calls us that, but they will. Maybe.

Here’s a photo of Ivona and Josip Slav-squatting in front of the office and just being their cute selves. The reason why Josip already got two photos in this post is because he walked up to my desk and said he wanted two photos minimum. I felt bad for him because the poor guy just wants some internet attention, so I said sure.

Ivona reports directly to Pong, our creative director. Pong oversees anything and everything art-related and he’s the mastermind behind the general art direction of SCUM. He also has a very specific sense of humor, which is very obvious to anyone who’s ever played SCUM – penises, pooping, peeing etc. – that was him, all him. Pong is also the face of the default player character, so no, that’s not Putin’s head, it’s just that he kinda looks like Putin, but he usually wears a beard, so it’s not that noticeable.

Here’s Pong dressed as Luigi. I stole this photo off his personal Facebook and I am also aware he’s not actually Luigi. It’s a great photo though, so why not.

Recently there was a comment on our Steam community page saying most of our player characters look “too Slav”. Well, buddy, that’s because most of them are our actual scanned heads and we’re all actual real life Slavs. Sorry! The second default player character head belongs to Švarc. Švarc is a 3D artist and the most serious one of us all. Apparently, he’s also a very good dancer of salsa which is how he met his wife (he just got married recently, everyone go say congrats!), but no one can confirm that because no one can actually imagine him dancing. Or smiling. Ever. He might be an android for all we know.

“Hey Švarc, I’m gonna take a photo for the blog post, but you can’t smile because I told everyone you never smile.” “Oh, okay, sure.”

Pong and Švarc share a room with Iggy. Iggy is officially an animator. Unofficially, he also dabbles in cinematics and video editing, and he helps out with community management by replying to troll comments on our Steam page. He likes trolling online, too, so it all works out.

Iggy with his Christmas cup that he uses all year round

Darian also helps out with community management even though he's primarily a 3D artist. He says that's because no one speaks English as well as him, so he's doing us a favor by helping out. We all speak English and his isn't even that great, but we let him believe that because we need all the help we can get. His hobbies include being the office metalhead and sacrificing baby goats to Satan at midnight.

Darian sacrificing a young virgin to Baphomet during a recent full moon. She is very unaware of her fate, sadly.

He sits right next to Danijel, an ex-mailman turned 3D artist whose main specialty are genitals. No, really, all the genitals in SCUM were made by him and we have an extensive collection of photos to prove it.

Danijel investigating the female reproductive system in order to be a better husband to his wife

You know that guy who looks like a Jason Statham type supervillain? Buff, bald and scary-looking? Everyone knows that guy. Well, at Gamepires, that guy is Štimac, an ex-architect turned 3D artist. That is until you actually talk to him and he enthusiastically shows you a picture of his cat, Točkica (Dottie).

Štimac at his workstation being one scary mofo

Mirko, also a 3D artist, sits right next to him. He likes playing a tough guy too, but it never really works for him because he can’t pull a prank without giggling to save his life. He also has a cat with a girly name, Ljubica (Violet), who he likes to brag about. Overseeing our 3D team there’s Damir. You can tell he’s there just by the dad vibe emanating from the dark corner he sits in and the occasional “HEY!” whenever someone uses profanity. Sometimes we’ll curse out loud on purpose just so he’d talk to us because a bunch of us have daddy issues.

Mirko and Damir “don’t like being photographed”, but will happily pose for pictures any time there’s a camera around, but they need you to know they “don’t like being photographed”.

Our sound guy is Ratko. The “sound” here is not an adjective because he’s far from that. What I meant is he’s our audio guy and the go-to person for anything sound or music related. You know the noise your SCUM character makes when he poops? That was Ratko recording himself pooping. We don’t mess around when it comes to realism. You’re welcome!

Ratko and his Huge Ball™

Dobrila is our new programmer and one of the three women at Gamepires. The first thing she told Ivona and me on her first day here was that she’s not used to hanging out with girls because her college is also mostly boys. We were gonna start farting and burping out loud to make her feel more welcome, but Andrej was passing by, so we decided not to because we didn’t want to have to explain ourselves. It’s also that Andrej talks A LOT. Officially he’s our technical director, unofficially a shaman. He also holds a 3rd Dan black belt in Taekwondo, so please keep that in mind the next time you decide to post “dead game” after 20 minutes of playing.

Mirko and Andrej playing with their toys at an expo. Mirko still doesn’t like being photographed.

Jesus is our resident crazy person. Yesterday I asked him why people call him that and he said it’s because he works miracles. I think he was probably waiting for years for someone to ask him that, so he could reply with that zinger. He is very obviously a programmer and no one knows his real name.

Jesus and his daddy, God.

Patrik is a programmer and our token Office Millennial™. There’s actually a few of us, but Patrik is more of a textbook Office Millennial™. He thinks all our jokes are cringey and makes faces at us when we ask him what’s new on Snapchat. He also makes cute indie platformers at hipster game jams which just shows how much of an Office Millennial™ he is.

Look at this millennial just sitting there doing millennial things

Dini is our lead programmer which works out great because that means he doesn’t have to talk a lot. That would’ve been awkward because no one can really understand his accent. We all just kinda smile and nod repeatedly and then he does the same. He’s very into salads for some reason. Maybe. We see him eating them every day, but we don’t know why because we can’t understand him.

Dini pretending to eat a pizza on a casting couch. It’s just for the picture, though, he only ever eats salads.

John is a very mysterious person and no one knows much about him. We know he’s a senior programmer and he wears a lot of sweaters. Rumor has it that he spoke once, but he wasn’t really feeling it, so he just decided not to speak ever again.

A picture of John wearing a sweater and not talking

Hrco is always grinning. Not even kidding, that guy is always happy and he’s not even on drugs. He works as an animator, but also dabbles in ordering food for the team which he will do in the most inconvenient and complicated way possible. He sits right next to Bruno, a programmer and our 30 under 30 candidate. He might be related to John because he also never talks, although one time he smiled at his computer screen.

“What do we have to do?” “Just pretend you’re working.” “We WERE working until you got here.”

And that’s all of us. We hope you liked getting to know us a little bit better. Thank you for your continuous love and support and for making it possible for us to do what we love with all these amazing people every day. Love you!

By the way, we hope you're ready for tomorrow's patch and that all your items are safely stored or hidden.


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