SCUM Mr. & Miss SCUM island- Winners!



Hey hey hey, happy Tuesday everyone, it is time to announce the winners!
There were a lot of entries and thank you all for your submissions. But contrary to what your parents told you not everyone can be a winner. That being said we we were indecisive to give away only 2 keys to 2 people as there were so many good ones. So we prepared 10 of them for you because we are nice like that.

Let's get to it:

The general rule is ladies first so here we go:


It is summer so get your beach body on. On number #4 we have a submission form andrew.spud PT

Congrats to Sheila:


At #3 we have a submission from Kamadeva. Because chicks and cars man.


At # 2 we have Charlotte from Margirus.
They say a lot about a man in uniform but we don't mind women as well.

Here it is the big one. The #1. The greatest, the best and the most ehm... horrifying? Of course we would pick this one as #1 well because Im scared not to. Congratulations botygetyi she made it.

Here we go fellas. This one is for all the bois.


At #4 we have Mister Primal here. A submission by Hundelunge147.


At #3 we have submission by Cerdito. Look at that form, marvelous.


Coming in as the first looser, MeFox has a Mr. Masculine that wants to fight you for staring at his woman.


Here it is folks the Mr. SCUM island. Nothing needs to be said this is just majestic. Well done KaRaKurT.

Now you might be thinking "Wait a minute you said 10 keys but there are only 8 winners here.", well you ain't wrong but you ain't right either. We have 2 more submissions that feature both entries for Mr. and Miss SCUM as a couple.
So here is to you lightwitch and you Toby

Congratulations to all the winners. To receive your free keys contact me on Steam and I shall deliver them to you promptly.

Untill next time, Judge Beda.

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