New BigD Atlas Server!

We have gone BIGGER!

BigD Gaming now has a 5x4 cluster server up for all you Atlas lovers to enjoy...yes 20 individual clusters!

I think we now have the BIGGEST Australian server in operation currently, with a massive 1400 slot player capacity across all servers.

For those playing on our old 3x2 server, it just didn't feel like we were getting the most out of the game. So the BigD management team decided to up the clusters just a little...
  • We have every single island that is available in the game on our map, no more missing resources!
  • Want to try and collect the power stones & summon the Kraken...we have it!
While the server is primarily PvE, we have 2x PvP zones for those who fancy a little naval battle. These PvP zones are located in the same quadrants as the power stone proceed with caution!

Please remember though guys/gals this game is still EA, things will definitely go wrong at some point. But we at BigD Gaming will always be working on any issues that arise as fast as we can.

We hope you all enjoy our effort in getting this extremely large server up and operational & to show us your LOVE please make sure to visit our DONATION page...20 clusters doesn't come cheap.

As always thank you for visiting & we all hope you enjoy the server & time with BigD Gaming.


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