[Nov 14, 2015] Australia vs Japan: Revenge of the Samurai (BigDGaming.net PR #2)

Mar 15, 2007
This is the third event in a row that has been an absolute cluster ****.

What is being done to make sure that (assuming the community survives being dicked around and people aren't absolutely ***** over being dicked around and wasting their ***** time) this sort of absolute ***** doesn't happen again in the future? Because seriously, a 12 year old could get the times right with a simple google search.

I'm so ***** over having my time wasted.

If you're going to arrange an event, then have someone double check the details. Peer review ain't hard and takes all of 2 seconds.
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Oct 29, 2011
Pretty weak showing, no one shows any interest until the day, i have to beg people on my steam list to turn up. The times were wrong, we weren't prepared, nobody listened and we just ran into the meat grinder all night.

This will be the last 50v50 event that i'll be apart of, we just don't have the community. How are we expected to win against people who actually play PR, rather than login every 3 weeks for an hour.

Maybe 32v32 is the answer, with people who actually want to take the effort to plan and organise a bit more.

Oh and for those who didn't bother to stay for the 2nd round, we won.

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Sep 9, 2015
I didn't attend as I was out all night on Saturday but maybe the people who are very interested could have regular games on the training server to get the team cohesion up.
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Feb 6, 2009
New Zealand
Oh and for those who didn't bother to stay for the 2nd round, we won.
To Be Honest It Did Start Late Because Of Yet Another **** Up, So You Can't Really Blame People For Not Bothering To Stay For Round 2.

I Enjoyed The Challenge, Was A Long Hard Fought Game. We Need To Improve On The Teamwork Between APC And Infantry, We Tried A Mech INF Squad This Time And Just Can't Get It To Work With The One APC, In Fact It Was A Complete Failure And We Didn't Use The APC Most Of The Time. The APC's Need To Be Behind Infantry Squads Doing A Lot Of Long Range Suppression Into Windows And Doorways And Breaks In Fences Until The INF Can Get In There, Then Move Up And Continue Closer Support If There Are No RPG Threats Or APC Threats. The Other Teams (Japs, China etc) Use Their APC's A Lot Better, They Are Intertwined With Each And Every Infantry Squad.

If We Can Get That Right I Think The Assault Would Go A Lot Better And We Wouldn't Have To Play Defensive All The Time. I'm No APC Expert So I Don't Have An Answer Of how We Can Do This Better, But As Infantry In These Games The Assault Is Useless Without Them.

Good Game Once It Got Underway, Enjoyed Playing That Map For The First Time.
Mar 8, 2013
I didn't enjoy the first half of the grozny match, having to wait and then finally starting only to be killed because i got stuck in a vehicle as the apc driver couldn't get his **** sorted almost made me quit on the spot. Glad i didn't as i really enjoy playing on grozny, best map ever.

If we do do this again let's get it properly organised, sort out squad roles and a plan. Set up a section of the forum or something and maybe get the time right too :p

Although having read this
and experiencing the meat grinder myself i guess we did our best to emulate the real thing!

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