[Oct 4, 2015] Aust vs CHINA (BigDGaming.net PR #2)

Dec 1, 2009
Good game and well played to all of those who turned up! Considering we were at 100 average ping disadvantage and we lost by only 36 tickets I think it was a pretty damn good fight!

Big thanks to Brannen and anyone else who helped organize! I vote we rematch when half of AU isn't preoccupied and we have a full team! They wont stand a chance ;)
Apr 28, 2015
And not on a Bloody Sunday night! 36 tickets wasn't bad considering their team actually rehearsed the battle before hand. We fought off the cuff! It was a good game though, they are definitely a force not to be reckoned with.
These Asian teams are scaring me. They rehearse, and prepare. We should be doing that. We're only losing by thin margins, upping our game by doing some rehearsal(s) of the maps in question, might do a hell of alot. Yes, i made one mistake, which can be put down to the horrible ping, but my one mistake should not affect that much of the game. So, i say, we should have a few weekends of rehearsals, so we can put the opponent into a hearse.

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