SCUM Patch Notes



New patch will be live in 15 min!

  • Added first wave of server optimization that should decerease lag.

  • Fixed Prisoner stats not being saved in singleplayer mode

  • Fixed shelter and storage box saving in single player

  • Added cap to negative fame penalty on kill (Can't lose more than 20 now)

  • Localization update, added German and Russian

  • Projectile actor is always relevant. (This fixed the bug where you didnt hear gun shoots behind your back)

  • Enabled character leaning while in melee combat mode and jogging/sprinting

  • Fixed bug where prisoner would recover from ragdoll on a vastly different location than he went into ragdoll.

  • Fixed glass on Hangar_01 Now awarenes should work. (Now you should see a player through the glass not just the gun flying around, also Sentries can see you through it now)

  • Fixed time dilation exploit for movement speed (speedhack)

  • Fixed Rendering distances on Airport (Buildings render further, so you wont see people flying around)

  • Adjusted temperature calculation while in water. (You get colder faster)

  • Fixed weapon models where they would look distorded on low settings. (also fixed that on a lot of items)

  • Added new sentry voice

  • Fixing Crossroar collisions (Where Sentry was getting stuck)

  • Sentry now only gives out one warning, even if player complies and leaves the area it will engage on sight next time

  • Fixed 1 sec bug for NoSkill Make Shelter, added times 25,20,15,10 sec for NoSkill/Basic/Medium/Advanced

  • Entering and leaving multiplayer submenu should not freeze for a second anymore

  • Enabled admin commands in singleplayer.

    #ListAssets Item|Character [<Filter>]

    #SpawnItem <Asset> [<Count>]

    #SpawnCharacter <Asset> [<Count>]

    #Teleport <Steam ID, Steam Name or Character Name> [<X> <Y> <Z>]

    #SetFamePoints <Value> [<Steam ID, Steam Name or Character Name>]

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