PC Hotfix Build 103744/18646 (07.07.2018)

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Hello PC Exiles,

Thank you for your patience and feedback.

We know you’ve been waiting and waiting is no fun so let’s go right down to business:
Here are the bugfixes for today’s Hotfix

We have received feedback from EU and US players that it will be tricky to maintain your bases on official servers during the common vacation period in July and early August due to the decay time being 6 days. We are therefore **temporarily** increasing this to 18 days for EU and US Officials starting this coming week. So assuming your building is large enough it will take up to 18 days to decay [the repair hammer is your best friend and allows you to check this easily!]. We will keep an eye on things and record any significant impact on server performance. Depending on this, we may have to reduce the limit again but we will in that case make sure to announce it first. Otherwise this change will stay in effect until Monday 13th August.

Private server admins who run with the decay system activate can also easily do this by changing the following value in serversettings.ini:

from "MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish=604800.000000" (this is 6 days counted in seconds)
to "MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish=1814400.000000" (this is 18 days counted in seconds)

  • The Pirate Captain will once again make an appearance in his quarters.
  • Fixed the down pour of T4 named thralls at the Black Galleon and other places. Back to business as normal!
  • Thralls can now be properly placed inside Avatar Domes
  • Thrall ownership was not always saved correctly when joining or leaving a guild which could cause thralls to attack the player
  • Fixed a case where thralls would fall through foundations.
  • Players who logged out on top of building pieces should no longer log in inside them
  • Item Decay Timer is back to normal. No need to buy those fridges after all. This should also fix the issue with Yellow Lotus potions vanishing into thin air.
  • Some conflicting access rules with containers and quick loot have been resolved.
  • Map Markers will once again persist through logouts.
  • Your hard earned journey steps are once more tracked and displayed properly
  • Small wells can be placed again.
  • Blood stains will be properly removed over time.
  • Ymir set can now be repaired
  • Right and Left-sloping walls can now be played under ceilings
  • Fixed a Bug with Avatars not doing proper damage to structures. We are still looking into an additional balance pass especially involving Set.
  • level up Audio should now be better synced with on screen notification
  • Fixed a bug which could allow you to extend the number of storage slots in containers
  • Fix for modders not being able to use the UI Modules table or the ActivateGuiModule command anymore
  • Fixed a small bug where objects appeared to be floating on trees with snow.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to open containers despite being the owner.
  • Fixed a problem preventing modders from cooking mods that had a mod RconCommand in it.
  • Moved “Encumbered” notification to a more convenient location on the screen.
Placeables that emit heat emit heat even when turned off. This should not pose a huge problem unless you have built anti-cold buildings in the desert with a lot of torches and furnaces, but it is an issue nonetheless.

A good way around this is to not use more torches than is required, or use torches that actively combat heat (Witchfire) or torches that don’t emit heat at all (Radium), build using the correct heat/cold resistant materials, not create huge farms of furnaces to smelt (note that the bricks cook much faster after the patch) and wear appropriate clothing for the biome you are in.

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