PTE 0.6.3 Patch Notes

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Hey there, we've got a batch of fixes and optimization for you. Let us know if you find any new places that need fixing on our two new maps and let's have fun over the weekend!

PTE 0.6.3 Patch Notes

  • Removed unnecessary meshes,
  • Cascade shadow setups,
  • Mesh draw setup,
  • Streaming Layers Setup,
  • Stationary light changed to static,
  • Added loadout local loading,
  • Heli Drone HP nerf 20%,
  • Quadrocopter doesn't deal explosion damage anymore when shot by down an enemy,
  • Bullet penetration multiplied by 2,
  • Rearranging covers on Smolensk,
  • Fixed menu character scale,
  • Thermite & Phosphorus setup,
  • Road fixes on Smolensk,
  • Moscow Warzone - fixed neutral vehicle spawn near C1,
  • Changed blood impact scaling with range,
  • Proper default config for Heli Drone,
  • Baked lights in production quality for Polyarny,
  • Possible menu crash fix,
  • High magnification scope flicker fix,
  • Collision fixed on bus on Polyarny,
  • Fixed streaming for pipes on Polyarny,
  • Lod fixes on concrete slabs mesh (disappearing shadow on LOD),
  • M417 handguard fix,
  • Squad leader border fix,
  • Moscow Reverb fix,
  • Weapon mix,
  • Snipers sounds,
  • Forest Reverb,
  • Death expressions,
  • Low Health sounds,
  • Abrams engine fix,
  • Fixed audio for local character on health change,
  • Hit notify sounds for armor types,
  • Jammer noise fix,
  • New sound for medkit drop,
  • Vehicle repair station sound.

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