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Here are the patch notes for 0.6.6 on the PTE. We've had some server problems and this patch is a bit late, but we're still going to be okay for the next week. We've added some small features and fixed a lot of bugs and minor issues with maps, collision and other aspects of the game. There was also a small balance pass to even out the weapon usage for 0.6 Live.

--------------- PTE 0.6.6 Patch Notes ---------------

  • Problems with vehicle suspension - those are fixed, but won't be here for the weekend.
  • Repair Kit is now regenerating main health instead of armor,
  • Added quick options for performance changes,
  • Adding optic mechanics to Lewiatan and Battle Robot drones,
  • Moved capture zones A1 and A2, balancing team 0 base on Smolensk (this is only a test!),
  • M4 nerf (increased horizontal recoil),
  • Beryl nerf (decreased accuracy, increased horizontal recoil),
  • SA80 buff (lowered first shot vertical recoil multiplier),
  • Shotgun buff (MCS and Vepr recieved additional damage for 15 and 10 meters respectively),
  • 7.62x39 ammo damage nerf,
  • SMG & Pistol damage buff,
  • MCS damage buff,
  • BTK data fixes in menu,
  • RPG Frag warhead blast radius increased - should be more effective at wounding over a large area,
  • Weapon weight tweaks,
  • Smolensk - minor battlezone fix and adding quads near bunker,
  • Attack Heli Drone rotor's core part now can be shot at,
  • Removed the Thermite, Impact and Phosphorus grenades from menu (they're not ready, will be in 0.7),
  • Fixed problems with character getting stuck when deploying on vehicles,
  • Fixed problems with spawning on vehicles sometimes sending the player to main base instead,
  • Fixed cooldown value visibility using Repair Kit,
  • Fixed ranks not working in customization menu,
  • Fixed minimap chunks not updating when possessing strikes,
  • Fixed UCAS-D is removing all player/vehicle markers,
  • Fixed many destroypacks on Smolensk and Polyarny,
  • Fixed many collision issues on Smolensk and Polyarny,
  • Fixed many vault issues on Smolensk and Polyarny,
  • Over 200 minor material, landscape, lightmap, shadow and texture fixes,
  • Fixed marking enemies and vehicles on map sometimes not working,
  • Made punishing players from other team impossible,
  • Jamming yourself no longer provides BattlePoints,
  • Fixed icon showing that gadget is not available,
  • SA80 long barrel weight correction,
  • Fixed character noise manager while team has been changed during game,
  • Fixed character sometimes being being drawn after death,
  • Fixed no AWOL message when being in RCWS,
  • Probable fix for auto spawning,
  • MSBS Emblem issue correction,
  • Removed and reworked some props on levels to make gameplay and player movement more fluid,
  • Buggy, Quad and Mini UGV's cameras now follow the body pitch and yaw,
  • Improved MRAP's performance while climbing hills,
  • RPG reload and equip sounds,
  • Lots of minor sound fixes,
  • Distant explosion sounds,
  • RCWS 2D sound,
  • Corrections for footsteps notifies,
  • Better TPP foley.

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