PTE 0.6.7 Patch Notes

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Another fast one, this could be it. Make sure to report any game-breaking bugs you find so we can fix them before 0.6 hits live.

--------------- PTE 0.6.7 Patch Notes ---------------

  • Fixed crashing occuring when calling in strikes,
  • Change damage out of battle zone to current health instead of fixed value,
  • Disabled collision for leaves on trees (fix for rockets blowing up on leaf contact),
  • Fixed UAV noise generation still running while UAV is leaving map,
  • Fixed wrong vehicle icon for squad leader,
  • AK derivatives ironsight fix,
  • Fixed ragdoll not hiding after character is spawned and replication is paused,
  • Marker positions fixed for resolutions other than 1080p,

  • Slight improvement of Responses radial menu to prioritize the "thanks" command,
  • Replaced smaller trees with destroypacks on Polyarny,
  • Loading screens refresh,
  • New minimap distances,
  • Additional neutral vehicles added (BTR and T72),
  • Soldier marker interaction distance is now 150 meters (from 30 meters),
  • Low settings of Shadows is now 0 - means, that low will not display dynamic shadows,
  • Added a setting to toggle fog visibility,
  • Defended point will stay marked as an objective after it's taken by the enemy,
  • Removed cooldown blocking system from repair kit,
  • Weapon dropped on the ground now stays for 30 seconds,

  • Attachments are not occluders anymore,
  • Lowered polygon counts on various meshes,
  • Fixed vehicle proxy static mesh calculations while no static mesh present,
  • Foliage cull distance setup,

  • SA80 recoil slightly reduced,
  • Vepr shotgun close-range damage buff,

  • G38 toggle firemode sound,
  • Fixed muffled sounds after dying,
  • Vehicle doppler effect added,
  • Fixed vehicles being too squeaky.

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