PTE 0.6 Patch Notes

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This week we're bringing first look at some of Patch 0.6 features. There are few Warzone mechanics improvements, new strike, weapons, and character customizations. There are also stability and performance improvements. We're hunting in-game freezes, most of them are eliminated.

There are also some adjustments in Recon game mode. Remember that you will see Recon servers in the server browser, but only people that are on the list can get in, so please don't report this as a bug - it's not.

PTE 0.6 Patch Notes

  • M4A1 is finally here.
  • SA80 - British bullpup assault rifle,
  • Ajax - British Armored Fighting Vehicle,
  • British soldier uniform,
  • New spotting system,
  • Radio commands are converted to the radial menu system,
  • Weapons balance pass,
  • Game modes balance pass,
  • Next bunch of heli drone tweaks and improvements,
  • Mobile Spawn Point - a special vehicle that allows all team members to spawn on it,
  • New on-screen tips.

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