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PUBG PUBG Nations Cup - 2019 Champion & Final Result




On the final day at PUBG Nations Cup, it was all or nothing for the 16 all-star teams as they battled it out for their share of the $500,000 prize pool. Team Canada once again took the first Chicken Dinner of the day to open things up on Day 3. Team South Korea continued to showcase their consistency off the back of an incredible tournament performance by Pio. Not to be outdone, Team Russia soared up the standings to close the gap on South Korea as they lay claim to their own Chicken Dinner while racking up kills throughout the day.

Culminating in a first place finish, Team Russia rose above Team South Korea to claim the title of PUBG Nations Cup Champions.

Here are the winners of final day!
Match 1 (Miramar): Team Canada (Moody, DrasseL, Kaymind, Meluke)
Match 2 (Miramar): Team Japan (Dep, CiNVe, SSeeS, gabha)
Match 3 (Erangel): Team Russia (ADOUZ1E, ubah, ceh9, Kemba7)
Match 4 (Erangel): Team Germany (UdyrMayFire, Caint, Braexco, ItzzchrizZ)
Match 5 (Erangel): Team Germany (UdyrMayFire, Caint, Braexco, ItzzchrizZ)

And here are the final standings for PUBG Nations Cup 2019!

With the world's top PUBG players in a fierce battle, the PUBG Nations Cup finally comes to an end with the victory of Team Russia. Thank you for joining us this weekend, we’ll be back with more spectacular events in the future.

There’s still plenty of PUBG Esports left in 2019! The focus now turns to PUBG Esports Phase 3, and PUBG Global Championship, which will wrap up this amazing year of competition in November.

Thank you.
View: https://youtu.be/1dgeSv5Or7U

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