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Squad Quick Note on Helicopters from Merlin

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Hey gang!

Pulling over a post from reddit from Merlin. The text:


Unfortunately helicopters faced the sidelines last year with the animation overhaul and engine upgrades we did. We have been doing work on them, but not as a core focus yet.

Right now we've been largely focusing on performance work on the programming side, but in the middle of that our programmer who had been working on the helo system previously has now been able and go back and do some more important work needed on networked movement, which is an important component for having robust flying vehicles.

I would caution people against thinking that just because we're not posting videos or images, that we're not working on it. We've been working away diligently at it, and already have a prototype helo system. I think a mistake we made with the animation system was showing off too much too early in the prototyping stage, and giving people the impression it would be out shortly after that. You'll be seeing more about helicopters in due time, we'd just like to wait until they're closer to final delivery.

We're working hard at delivering the things that are priorities for the community right now, and I think you'll start to see the fruits of it in the coming months. It won't be helicopters at first, but it will be in due time. Hang in there everyone!

You can access it directly by clicking here.

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