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Welcome to the first Hell Let Loose role guide!

In Hell Let Loose, you’ll have access to 14 different roles on the battlefield, offering players unique experiences depending on their preferred playstyle.

Each week we’ll be highlighting a role and offering our top tips to assist you on the frontline.

To get things rolling, we’re starting with the humble yet mighty Rifleman.

The Rifleman

The Rifleman is the backbone of your army. Their role will consist of working closely with their Officer, pushing enemy lines from the front and providing covering fire for Assault roles as they flush out buildings and trench networks.

A Rifleman’s loadout may look basic, but it’s versatile role in battle can’t be overlooked!

American Rifleman Loadout

  • M1 Garand (semi-automatic)
  • Mk2 Grenade
  • Bandage
  • Small ammunition box

German Rifleman Loadout

  • Karabiner 98k (bolt-action)
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • Bandage
  • Small ammunition box

Combat tips

Use your reach – Both the M1 Garand and Karabiner 98k excel at mid to long range combat, giving players the ability to lay down fire, or pick off an unaware opponent with precise accuracy. However, whilst these rifles can be used at close range, they are outclassed by SMGs and handguns in close proximity. Keep that in mind if you’re clearing out a trench system or rushing a building.

Take a deep breath – When lining up the perfect shot, or scanning the area for enemy movement, try holding your breath when aiming down sight. This will give you a brief window where you’ll receive a slight zoom and increased accuracy/reduced weapon sway.

Know your weapon – How many bullets can your rifle fire before needing to reload? What’s the recoil like? How quickly can I shoot multiple targets? Taking the time to learn the answers to these questions will pay dividends in the heat of intense combat.

Don’t wander off – As a rifleman, you are the eyes and ears of your Officer. From your position at the front of the unit, you’ll be one of the first to spot and engage the enemy. Not being with your unit will deny them of the valuable ranged fire you provide.

Ammo here! – Hey riflemen, you’ve got the ability to put down a small ammo box. This allows your team to resupply their primary weapon ammo to keep up the fight! If your unit are holding a strongpoint, or you come across a group of friendly soldiers, ask them if they’d like some ammo. Keep a close eye out for ammo hungry Machine Gunners in particular, they’ll quickly become your best friend if you give them a resupply.

Use that throwing arm – The Rifleman comes equipped with grenades. These are fantastic at flushing out enemies behind cover or taking out a clustered group of foes. Don’t be shy on using them either, after all, they’re no use to you on the respawn screen!

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