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Welcome to Role Guide #10!

This week we’re looking at a role that can take out infantry from afar, strike fear into Officers and eliminate VIP targets before disappearing undetected – the Sniper.

If you missed the previous guide where we looked at the Engineer, you can catch up here.

The Sniper

As a Sniper, your primary goal is to eliminate enemy infantry, with a focus on taking out important targets such as the enemy Commander, Officers and Machine Gunners.

Paired with a Spotter, who leads your two-man Recon unit, you become a formidable force that can successfully engage enemy infantry outside of their optimal combat ranges, even taking them down before they know you’re there.

Snipers are the only infantry role in Hell Let Loose that receive a scope on their weapon. Because of this boon, a team may only have two Snipers active at any one time. In order to spawn in as a Sniper, a Recon unit must already have a spotter in-place.

Key Duties

Infantry and VIP Target Elimination

You’re a sniper. Armed with a scoped, bolt-action rifle your presence in a battle will strike fear into the enemy forces. Few can hope to contest you at range, so use that to your advantage.

How you choose to fulfil this rather broad duty will depend on three things:

1. Your Commander’s battleplan
2. Your Spotter’s orders & information
3. Your current situation

Your Commander’s battle plan

If your Commander shares an overall battle plan with the Officers under their command, you can expect some specific orders to come your way.

You could be given orders to support a specific attack, defend a sector or focus on taking out important or highly dangerous members of the opposing team. As an infantryman, the Sniper can be very impactful in a battle, so being a team player is vital.

Your Spotter’s orders & information

The Spotter is your Officer. You may be in a two-man unit but respecting the chain of command is important!

Equipped with a submachine gun and pair of binoculars, your Spotter will provide close quarters protection, as well as target scouting for you. Listen out for their calls and watch for markers being placed on the map. Their field of view will be wider than yours whilst you look down your scope, so heed their warnings and follow their orders.

Your current situation

Sometimes even the best laid plans can put you in a bad situation. You could be penned in, cut off behind enemy lines or even ambushed as you snipe.

Knowing how to act can make the difference between life and taking a trip to the respawn screen. Do you engage and fight your way out? Do you take advantage of there only being two of you and opt to hide until a safer moment?

Know when to pull the trigger and when to live to fight another battle.

Scouting & Reconnaissance

Just because you have a rifle, it doesn’t mean you have to go firing it all the time!

The benefit of being part of a small, independent unit means you can be inconspicuous should the situation demand it.

Snipers are the perfect role for sneaking behind enemy lines, flanking strongpoints and relaying enemy movements and numbers back to the Officers. Just image how rewarding it’d be to have a devastating bombing run called in by the Commander thanks to your coordinates!

American Sniper Loadout
  • M1903 Springfield Sniper Rifle
  • M1911 Pistol
  • Mk2 Grenade
  • Bandages

German Sniper Loadout
  • Karabiner 98k Sniper Rifle
  • Walther P38 Pistol
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • Bandages

Combat Tips

Aim ahead - The rounds fired from sniper rifles are affected by both bullet travel time and bullet drop. When aiming at a moving or distant target, both must be accounted for. Just because the target is in your crosshair, it doesn’t mean your bullet will hit! Lead your target and/or aim above them when necessary.

Keep topped up - Reloading a bolt-action rifle is a slow process when compared to other rifles. When you get the opportunity, always ensure your rifle is loaded. A Sniper with an empty rifle will be of little effectiveness during a battle.

Hold your breath - When scoped in, Snipers benefit greatly from holding their breath. Simple hold the shift key and your aim will steady, allowing for pinpoint accuracy. Keep in mind that you can’t hold your breath forever, running out of breath before firing or breathing again will throw off your aim and you’ll have to retarget.

Mind games - Sometimes, the enemy knowing that you’re in the area is as powerful as your rifle. Forcing them to keep their heads down, not push forward or use their finite smoke grenades to move forward. Veteran Snipers will be able to wield this to great effect.

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[XtraD] Clan
Apr 10, 2017
Sniper in this configuration with a spotter looks awesome but the question is can it work in practice. I hope it does. Most of the time as general infantry I get killed by enemy I never see and they are 40m away ... so it could be really OP. What are everyone thoughts?

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