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Welcome to Role Guide #11!

This week we’re looking at a role that not only empowers the Sniper role and provides invaluable intel to the Commander, but can also lay devious traps with their specialised loadout – the Spotter.

If you missed the previous guide where we looked at the Sniper, you can catch up here.

The Spotter

As a Spotter, your primary goal is to lead your Sniper, giving them intel on enemy movements to maximise their efficiency in battle. Armed with an SMG and anti-personnel mines you’ll be the perfect close quarters combat partner for the Sniper, not only defending them from any infantry that dare an ambush, but also laying traps that keep you both out of harms way.

Being the leader of a two-man unit also has its advantages. Two soldiers are much more inconspicuous that six, with your small visual signature enabling you to sneak past enemy lines and set up an OP (unit spawn) in highly advantageous positions.

Your two-man unit is self-sustaining, hard hitting and best equipped for giving valuable intel to the Commander and your fellow Officers. Just imagine the smug grin on your face as you see a bombing run tear its way through a previously hidden enemy position, all thanks to your scouting…

Key Duties

Commander’s Information Feed and Sniper Leader

The Spotter is an Officer. Whilst your Recon unit may be smaller than that of the Infantry units, your leadership is no less important. You are the eyes and ears of the Commander and as such, should endeavour to relay battle critical information to them. This includes enemy infantry positions, vehicle movement and fortification levels.

You also have a Sniper at your disposal. Using your binoculars, you can guide, advise and pinpoint targets to maximise their efficiency and lower their risk of being discovered when scouting for or engaging the enemy.

The Spotter has a rather unique role in that their words can have a greater impact on the outcome of the battle than their bullets – take advantage of this!

Did we mention that you also get spawn points? Build an Observation Post to keep your unit close to the battle should either of you fall or call in a supply drop from the Commander to build a Garrison for your whole team to spawn on!

Top tip: Calling in a supply drop will result in a large parachute descending on your position. Be prepared for the enemy to send a scouting force to investigate.

Close Quarters Combat Specialist

The Spotter is the only role in Hell Let Loose to be equipped with both offensive grenades and anti-personnel mines. When these are combined with your SMG, you become a very formidable CQC specialist.

Very few roles can match the defensive capability of the Spotter in trench and urban environments. If an enemy manages to get past your mines, they then have to face a barrage of grenades and bullets – assuming they even know you’re there in the first place!

When duty calls, don’t be afraid to push with the rest of your team, taking key locations and locking them down with your mines to halt a counter push from the opposing team will be a boon to your allies.

American Spotter Loadout
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • Mk2 Grenade
  • M2 Anti-Personnel Mine
  • Westinghouse M3 6x30 Binoculars
  • Watch (Spawn placement)
  • Bandages

German Spotter Loadout
  • MP40
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • S-Mine Anti-Personnel Mine
  • Dientsglas 6x30 Binoculars
  • Pocket Watch (Spawn placement)
  • Bandages

Combat Tips

It’s spawn point time – Recon teams can often find themselves away from the main bulk of friendly forces. Always ensure you have an OP down to avoid long walks back to the front. Remember, there’s only two of you so if one of you dies before an OP goes down it will greatly delay your combat plans. When opportunity arises, try and put down a Garrison to benefit your whole team too!

I spy with my little eye – Your binoculars are a powerful tool. Use them frequently to scout locations before moving forwards, put down markers for your Sniper to aim at and feedback on the effectiveness of artillery strikes. If you haven’t used your binoculars before moving forward into contested areas you’re putting your unit at risk.

Use them or lose them – Use your mines! It’s better to use them and not need them, than have needed them and not used them (at which point you’ll find yourself on the respawn screen). Whether you’re setting up a sniper nest in the woodland, or getting comfy inside a building – put them down!

Communication is a powerful weapon – We’ve mentioned this already but talk to your Commander and fellow Officers. The information and co-ordinates you relay can lead to game changing plays, from infantry flanks and armour ambushes to bombing runs and artillery barrages, the Spotter is a key player for these to happen.

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