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Welcome to Role Guide #6!

This week we’re taking a look at a role that is commonly seen as the aggressor of a unit, fearlessly charging the enemy frontline and shining in close-quarter combat – the Assault.

If you missed the previous Role Guide where we looked at the Medic, you can catch up here.

The Assault

As an Assault you’ll be leading the charge on the frontline. Strongpoints, trenches, buildings and hedgerows, all are fair game for you.

Using your primary weapon and grenades, you are a highly mobile combatant, able to relentlessly push enemy positions and lay down fire with fully automatic weaponry that have a quick reload. Where other classes would struggle when outnumbered in close combat, an Assault sees it as a fair fight.

Key Duties

Tip of the spear

At the front of the unit is where you belong, head first into battle, disrupting enemy lines as you sprint from location to location, bursts of weapon fire in tow.

With suppressive fire from your allies, you can quickly gain ground and put your loadout to good use. A soldier that manages to breach enemy lines can cause havoc as the enemy struggles to focus their fire in one direction.

This role is wrought with danger, but with great risk comes great reward.

Stalwart Defender

Assault players are known for their aggressive playstyle and storming capability, after all, it’s in their name! But, did you know they also excel at defending build up urban locations and trenches?

Other Semi-automatic and heavier full auto weapons lack the handling and mobility to be a match for the Assault’s guns in the confined spaces of urban combat, whether that’s room to room or street to street.

Having an Assault on guard duty in these build up areas can pay dividends, even holding back multiple enemies in a chokepoint on their own.

American Assault Loadout
  • M1A1 Thompson
  • Mk2 Grenade
  • Bandages
German Assault Loadout
  • Gewehr 43
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • Bandages

Combat Tips

Room service – When storming a building/trench, make use of your grenades! Whether you’re looking to clear a room or force a group of enemies into your firing line, using a grenade will be much safer than charging into said area outnumbered.

Lock ‘n reload – Both the American and German weapons have a respectable rate of fire and will quickly dispense the available ammo in their magazine. Make sure to reload after engagements to keep your battle readiness. Charging into your next fight to discover that you need to reload is a sure-fire way to be sent to the respawn screen.

Look back – As the vanguard of your unit, the chances are you’ll be in front of your allies. When combat begins, you’ll be even further ahead, diving into enemy lines. Just remember not to stray too far from your unit. Being isolated is not only a detriment to yourself, but your unit.

It’s all in the hip – At close range both the Thompson and Gewehr 43 are competent hip fire weapons. If you encounter enemies in an uneven environment, or are caught off-guard, don’t be afraid to just shoot! The previous seconds you save from not aiming down sight can be the difference between winning and losing.

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