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Welcome to Role Guide #8!

This week we’re looking at a role that strikes fear into enemy armour - the Anti-Tank.

If you missed the previous guide where we looked at the Support, you can catch up here.

The Anti-Tank

As an Anti-Tank, your primary goal is the elimination of enemy armour.

Whether you’re attacking the enemy tanks with your personal anti-tank weaponry in an infantry assault, setting up an anti-tank gun for zone control and stopping power, or supporting your own tanks to give them an edge in battle, you’re the infantry role that keeps tankers up at night.

Key Duties

Destroying Tanks

Surprising nobody, the Anti-Tank’s top priority is… Destroying enemy tanks! As the only infantry role that can proactively combat a tank on the frontline, you are a vital presence when fighting in an area which features enemy armour.

Equipped with either the Bazooka or Panzerschreck, your focus should be hitting the tank in its weaker locations – namely the rear, sides and tracks. Aiming at the front of a tank will be far less effective due to the thick armour that’s present there, however in times of desperate need this approach is better than nothing.

Keep in mind that the range of your personal anti-tank weaponry is limited to short-medium. If you attempt to rocket a tank at longer ranges, you’re highly likely to miss and draw unwanted attention to yourself and your unit. Note: This will not make you a popular person with your unit.

Area Control & Deterrence

Anti-tank guns are the jewel in the Anti-Tank crown. This powerful deployable is able to provide fire support across a wide field of view, bringing the pain to enemy tank crews and infantry alike.

Positioning either your M1AT or Pak40 on high-ground, or at the end of a chokepoint creates an incredibly daunting scenario for your opposition. With both high range and firepower, these weapons of war can make short work of a tank and decimate infantry.

However, in order to deploy anti-tank guns on the battlefield, you’ll need a box of supplies. These can be provided by both the Support and Commander roles. No supplies, no anti-tank gun. To deploy an anti-tank gun, simply select your wrench and choose where to build it within the placement radius of a supply box.

Anti-tank guns have a two-man crew, one aiming and shooting whilst the second reloads. The gun can be operated with a one-man crew, albeit at a reduced rate of fire as the crewman is required to switch seats after each shot to reload.

Once deployed, any allied soldier can man the anti-tank gun, freeing you up to pursue enemy armour on foot if the situation demands it.

American Anti-Tank Loadout
  • M1 Garand
  • Bazooka
  • Mk2 Grenade
  • Wrench (M1AT)
  • Bandage

German Anti-Tank Loadout
  • Karabiner 98k
  • Panzerschreck
  • M43 Stielhandgranate
  • Wrench (Pak40)
  • Bandage

Combat Tips

Surprise attack – Going loud at the first sign of a tank isn’t necessarily the best strategy. Sometimes allowing the tank to get closer gives you a greater opportunity to hit its weak spots and stop it returning fire. When next to a tank, you can also outrun the pace at which its turret turns, just watch out for angry crewmen jumping out to fight you in person.

Know the danger zones – Even if the turret isn’t facing in-front of the tank, avoid running past the driver’s viewport. The driver has access to a hull mounted machinegun and will make short work of any infantry that strays into their view.

Not one and done – When using the Bazooka or Panzerschreck, keep in mind that it will normally take multiple shots to take down a tank. Get ready to move or face a counter-attack from the tank and its supporting units. To maximise your chances of quickly taking down a tank, including a potential one-shot, aim for the rear where armour is weakest.

Piece by piece – There will be occasions where taking the time to destroy a tank on foot isn’t safe or a viable option. In this case it can be a wiser move to attempt to damage the tank before moving on and letting your allied armour, artillery or reinforcements take it out. For example, damaging the tank’s turret will reduce its turn speed, whilst damage to the tank’s tracks will severely hamper its mobility – perfect for a swift escape.

Swarm – What’s scarier to a tank than one Anti-Tank role? Two, three or even four! In intense combat situations, teaming up with Anti-Tank soldiers from other units can devastate enemy tanks, whether that’s via an ambush or sustained combat. An unsupported tank will quickly fall to rapid rocket fire from multiple sources.

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