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Welcome to Role Guide #9!

This week we’re looking at a role that excels at sector control and area denial – the Engineer.

If you missed the previous guide where we looked at the Anti-Tank, you can catch up here.

The Engineer

As an Engineer, your primary goal is to hold key areas for your team.

Key tactical locations such as strongpoints, chokepoints, trench systems and urban areas are where you’ll shine. Armed with both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, as well as a wide range of deployables such as barbed wire, sandbags and tank traps – A good Engineer can single-handedly contribute to holding back an enemy force far greater than their own.

Key Duties

Area Control & Territory Denial

The Engineer is equipped to lay devious traps for the enemy. Anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines will quickly dispatch any infantry or vehicles that don’t spot them.

Unlike deployables, mines don’t require supplies to be used. Instead, you start with a fixed amount, much like grenades.

When taking enemy territory, or contesting an area, it’s always worth making use of your mines. As an Engineer you’ll need to plan ahead. Ask yourself “Where will the infantry attack from?”, “Where would they run for cover?” and leave traps accordingly. The same can be said for tanks, which will normally be found on roads or chokepoints.

Engineers also have access to deployables such as:
  • Barbed Wire
  • Tank Traps
  • Sandbags
Barbed Wire and Tank Traps are fantastic tools at slowing an enemy advance, having to be manually dismantled by the enemy or navigated around. Sandbags not only provide cover but will give your Machine Gunner a handy place to pop their bipod for sustained suppressive fire.

In order to use deployables, an Engineer must be in proximity of a supply box, provided either by a Support role, or a Commander’s supply drop.

Vehicle Repair

Your trusty wrench isn’t just for deploying fortifications, it also serves a second, very useful purpose – it can repair damaged tanks and other vehicles.

A damaged tank can quickly be identified by looking for smoke and sparks from a certain part, or parts, of the tank. This will normally be from the turret, tracks and/or the engine. A second way to spot a damaged tank is to listen out for the wails and shouts of a disgruntled tank crew, saddened that their pride and joy has more than a few dents in it.

To repair the tank, simply approach it at any angle with your wrench equipped and follow the on-screen prompts. Take note, repairing a tank is a long process, leaving both the Engineer and tank vulnerable during this period.

American Engineer Loadout
  • M1 Carbine
  • M2 Anti-Personnel Mine
  • M1A1 Anti-Tank Mine
  • Wrench (building and repairs)
  • Bandages

German Engineer Loadout
  • Karabiner 98k
  • S-Mine Anti-Personnel Mine
  • Tellermine 43 Anti-Tank Mine
  • Wrench (building and repairs)
  • Bandages

Combat Tips

Tanks for the cover – When repairing a tank or other vehicle, always put yourself in a position away from enemy fire. The tank can happily take small arms fire, your solider cannot.

Mine-d your step – AP mines can be used both inside and out. If you’re garrisoning a building, pop one at the building’s entrance to stop overly zealous soldiers from quickly storming your location.

Engineering victory – Prior preparation and foresight for the battle ahead is vital for this role to be most effective. Deploying mines and fortifications takes time, your chances to place defences will be severely limited and outright dangerous during a battle.

Friendliest fire – Both AP & AP mines can’t be set off by your own team, whether they’re on foot or in a vehicle, so don’t worry about accidentally team-killing an ally. However, friendly bullets and explosives can set off your mines.

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