SCUM SCUM - Another hotfix & SCUM Comic #17




Greetings everyone and Happy Friday. Our Hotfix gun is not empty yet so here we go firing another one:

  • Fixed a bug where bases would randomly disappear.

  • Potential fix for a bug where a player wouldn't be able to connect to the servers.

  • Tweaked the HP and damage model on some base building elements.

  • Fixed floating foliage on castle.

  • Fixed a bug on interaction with bushes.

  • Potential fix for server crashes.

  • Removed the ability to build blueprints inside enemy Flag zones.


In order to implement these fixes effectively a full wipe is needed. Also during these issues a lot of players were affected with losses of items so we are leveling the field.

It is Friday! As usual it means a new comic page! We know you love them.
If you missed any of the previous editions here is the list:

And now for the newest edition, page 17:

That is it from us, hope to see you out there on the island.

The one that turns wine into water, Beda.

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