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This was the best birthday EVER! Again big thank you to all you amazing people playing our game! Here is a new showcase with some new info down bellow!

So let's get into it!

I can't bear to ask what was after this...sorry

Hello Greece!

Yea, we ain't fixing this bug ever.

I can still see the cowboy from the last showcase.

Beautiful decorations!

You guys do awesome firework screens!

Tractor races...this will be an event soon.

This reminds me of my old house

Aw man, who leaked our crossover plans?

Happy Piratmas, Pirastmas?

Next time you kill a puppet remember, he is an influencer too.

Time for the comments!

  • Yes, Dobrila is a known plant killer. But I keep my aloe vera safe and sound!

  • First of all thank you for the nice wishes and the comment! In the start we didn't plan to add base building we stated that few times. But as time passed and most of community was vocal regarding base building so we gave it a try, and it works really good. But ofc work on base building is not done, we have things to add and to improve!

  • We will definitely add more various AI in the game that you can interact with. From friendly AI to hostile AI, and all of those suggestions have been written down!

  • We read minds but don't tell it to others.

  • My bet is on the guy above this comment.

  • Dully noted!

  • A̴m̶̢ ͞͠n͟͡͠ó́t̛͢͏!̨͏́

  • A new road map is in the works! And we will look into that pesky bug.

And that is all for today!

Or is it? We just wanted to let you know that for the time being we will have a bigger and deeper look into optimizations. So patches may not come on a weekly basis or they might do, in game dev you never know but we will give our best to keep you updated with the progress!

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