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Big thank you to everyone for the awesome birthday wishes it means a lot to us!

Now here is a hotfix for some of the issues from yesterdays patch!

  • Fixed the bug where chests were not saved.

  • Fixed the bug with depth of field not working properly on weapons.

  • Fixed client crash while looking at base elements with a drone.

  • Fixed the bug where the wooden TV would disappear after relog.

  • Fixed the bug where the wooden TV didn't use planks properly.

  • Fixed the bug where the mouse cursor would disappear in main menu.

  • Fixed a visual bug on character creation menu.

  • Fixed the exploit where you could dupe items with vehicle inventory.

  • Fixed the bug where "rest" option popped out but it was not possible to rest.

  • Fixed the bug when you destroyed an element on which a player was resting he would continue to rest.

  • Fixed the exploit where people could take melee weapons from events.

  • Fixed the bug where you could take your holstered weapon while being tied down.

  • Fixed AK15 fire animations. Magazine was visible when inserting a single bullet.

  • Fixed the bug where oxygen mask would one shot kill you on throw.

  • Increased flare render distance to 200m.

  • Decreased oxygen consumption while diving.

  • Tractor now has a bit better driving control on dirt surfaces.

  • Now you can tie down people with the rest of "rope" items not just the regular one.

  • Optimized new locations so gameplay should be smoother around them.

Also check out this awesome summary of our year by Eroktic!



She still kicking strong so no worries!

Sippy Aloe Vera Lover Mic dropper J'.

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