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Hello everyone! Yes we know that updates might not be on a weekly basis, but we have some hotfixes that should help to stabilise the game until we finish the super scary optimizations.

Into the bugs we go!!

  • Possible fix for door frames not destroying doors sometimes.

  • Fixed the bug with flare gun having infinite reload in some situations.

  • Fixed the bug where fireworks would disappear when trying to light it.

  • Fixed the bug where mugshots weren't centred.

  • Fixed the bug when exiting the right side of the bed in small cabins, it puts you outside the cabin.

  • Fixed AK weapons sound difference between single and continuous fire modes.

  • Fixed the bug where you weren't able to lay down on a mattress.

  • Fixed facial hair length when scarf is worn.

  • Fixed the bug while resting, if you hold W it assumes you are running and increases calorie usage.

  • Fixed the bug with the 20# bow having the wrong inventory size.

  • Fixed the bug where some clothing items had wrong icons on them.

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't pull out last page from the diary.

  • Fixed a radio-related crash.

  • Fixed the bug where horse halves would spawn in the ground.

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't access scopes from quick access bar if you had something in your hands.

  • Fixed the bug when you were teleported to an event while climbing a leader when teleported out of the event you would fall down from the leader.

  • Fixed a visual bug where night vision textures were wrong.

  • Fixed the bug where a message saying event was cancelled at end, even though it ended properly

  • Items should now be placed at their last inventory position when picked up again.

  • Fixed the bug where sometimes you would get stuck on "rest" action while sitting on a chair.

  • Possible fix for some users getting connection lost

  • Possible fix for players falling through the ground after being killed.

  • Added HP text to base doors.

  • Added base element names when destroying an element.

  • Improved wall snapping to door frames.

  • Allow urination, defecation and vomiting when resting (will automatically stop resting before doing the action)

  • Moving items inside inventory should now produce sounds.

  • Increased inventory size for M1 scope and Improvised scope from 1x1 to 2x1

  • You won't be able to change stance anymore while resting.

  • Now you are able to place improvised barbecue over the camp fire.

  • Now you have the possibility to change the base build foundation height! Once you enter the blueprint mode and adjust rotation press F once again and you will enter hight mode adjustment, and you use that with the scroll.

  • New Shortcuts:
    • Shift + C now opens the crafting tab straight away.

    • Alt + C crafts last crafted item or places last selected BP without opening the crafting tab.

  • Optimized flare items.

  • Small base building optimizations.

  • Minor client and server optimizations.

It is Friday, funday and you know what that means! That is right! New comic page, as is tradition.

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

Latest page #24

Have a good weekend, take care of each other, and as it's already September it's totally okay to bring out the halloween decoration out already!

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