SCUM SCUM - Hotfix




Few changes regarding the drone:

  • Admin drone doesn't have any collision while flying in silent mode. This prevents any random collision with players when teleporting to them.

  • You can now fly through objects (buildings, trees, terrain etc..) with the admin drone.

  • We reworked the admin drone teleports to a player. You should be able to teleport to all players now, not just the ones in 1km radius.

  • Drone visit times have been cut in half. They will visit you less often now.

  • Drone destroyed particle and sound effects should play on all clients now.

  • We also did some overall optimizations of the drones, because lag is history!

  • Fixed the bug with chests disappearing after getting buried.

  • Fixed the bug with sight not disabling zero range change when on rail.

  • Fixed the bug where hair cutting resets hair length.

  • Fixed the bug where blueprint recipes didn't take into account tool needed to finish the blueprint.

  • Improvised tool box doesn't stay in inventory anymore once the usage drops to 0. It gets removed.

  • Fixed the bug where rubber item would not appear in vicinity once dropped on the ground.

  • Fixed the bug where sitting on the floor could cause glitching through the floor.

  • Fixed the bug where MP5 rail would not appear in vicinity once dropped on the ground.

  • Fixed the bug where the metal spear was not visible in vicinity after crafting.

  • Fixed wrong icon for the shovel.

  • Fixed the bug where WW2 bunkers environment produced wrong sounds on interaction.

  • Blueprints that require a tool now can't be finished without it

  • Criminal record now loads skills and attributes better and much more precise.

  • Added .45 cal bullets to crafting list.

  • You can see the compass now over the mini map.

  • Added voice chat loudness slider in menu.

  • You can now disable snapping while placing base elements by holding the CTRL key.

  • Some smaller optimizations on both server and client side.

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