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It was a pretty big patch, so this was kinda expected. But let's dive into it right away!

Before we go into the bugfixes, I owe an apology to Rale, our sound guy. I forgot to include the whole audio part that we added in the last patch on Friday. Beers on me!

  • Sound occlusion is re-enabled, so solid objects between listener and emitter will dim sounds.

  • Noise propagation from bunkers to the outside is applied correctly now search, walking, door opening sounds etc... that are originating in the bunker/outside can't be heard outside/bunker anymore. This is not applied to sentries and puppets at the moment.

  • Animal startle and attack sounds can be heard on a x3 bigger radius now.

  • Puppet intimidation noises can now be heard on a x3 bigger radius now.

  • New weapon sounds for M16, MK18 and shotguns.

  • Fixed crashing when taking things out of chests and usage not showing for items inside of chests.

  • Fixed the bug where right-clicking or holding "F" wouldn't open the interaction menu.

  • Fixed the bug where you could not climb onto ladder on dam power building in multiplayer.

  • Fixed the bug where window fortifications were unable to be completed once placed.

  • Fixed the bug where item usage and magazine ammo weren't visible in the GUI when items were in chests or vehicles

  • Fixed the bug where some base elements would show red (unfinishable) after placed when snapping.

  • Fixed some collision issues with some models.

  • The supporter mask won't spawn anymore in the world anymore.

  • Reduced HRTF and occlusion impact on 3rd person gunshot sounds and reflections.

Gather around everyone! The results are in!

As you already know we had a base building contest and thank you all for your submissions.
Unfortunately, despite what your parents told you not everyone can be a winner. So, we picked 3 best bases, and we promised a special prize didn't we. Well all 3 winners are going to win a shirt signed by the Dev team . Just don't be surprised if you see a penis drawn here or there. So who are the lucky winners? Well....

3) Gremlin
At 3rd place we have Gremlin and the bois. They sent in their base and the instruction video(originally with a huge mistake, but we sorted that thing out) on how to make it and all the perks of it. Congratulations bois crack open a cold one.

2) J4CkWinnerOfBaseContestPlease
Well Jack not a winner but close 2nd mate. Jack sent in a cute little village by the riverside that is open to the public and shows some amazing artwork. Breathtaking.

This is what he said:

"Hello SCUM team,

My base, is a maze of building that extends over several different levels and sizes, it's a village.

It is not fortified but still has watchtowers ensuring its defense by guards.

The village has, 1 main place with a barbecue to relax with friends, a secondary place with sunbeds and benches for sunbathing or admire the landscape overlooking the river and ... a large concrete wall, strangeous . The base has many shops and activities, such as a Christmas shop, to make the best gifts to our teammates. An armory, to equip and loot the largest areas of the island. A church, to pray the ScumGod.

There are three attractives places in this village, the artwork "The legend of the Tractor", it is said that nobody has managed to move it from its rock, it is our Excalibur to us. We also have our own zoo sheltering different species, they can circulate freely under the foundations so we can observe them through different parts of the village via panorama. (no animals were mistreated during the shooting). Thirdly, there is a boxing ring where fights are organized to teach the novice to defend against the dangers of the island, it is obviously a place of entertainment for the inhabitants of the village.

I own my own apartment on two floors, fully equipped and the most important room, my configuration with 3 screens to better enjoy the wonderful scenery of SCUM.

Thank you for taking into account my participation."

Thank you Jack.

P.S. had to re-upload your video on youtube for the public to see. The people deserve to know!

1) Deschain
This man went ahead and created a whole FOB for this contest. I don't think ya'll heard me. A whole goddamn FOB. Did a pretty good job. Here is what he said:

"Hello all,

My apologies for such a last minute addition. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did making it. I am not sure I can attach a large video size, however, I uploaded to youtube and provided the link. I also provided the link to my account, which houses my screenshots. Thank you for your time.

Kindest regards,

James aka Deschain

Base Description:
FOB Speicher is a fictitious Forward Operating Base, located on SCUM Island. FOB Speicher augments the SCUM Island airfield, which support strategic goals and tactical objectives."

Congratulations man.

Now since there were so much submissions, we kinda felt weird with picking just 3. So we decided to do the runner-ups round. All of the entries below won a free SCUM deluxe edition key. Because we are nice like that.


Nice simple and effective. Nade this nubs.


I´ve built this base for the contest, but from now on, we will use it when doing community events like drinking, sledging and having Drinks, just having some fun. Did i said here are Drinks?
I hope you enjoy it, and keep up the great work.


is what the message said and already got me on drinks.


Nice simple western town. Really pleasing for the eyes.


Keeping up with the simplistic theme, we have a nice seaside house with a grill and plenty of outdoor space. This is what he said:
Small but comfy. :)
Small balcony, right next to the Sea and a comfy place for sleeping, eating and cooking inside,
Oh, and a lot of beer.
Sadly friends are missing...lone fighter.

Greetings, Bláhnúkur

Somebody be friends with this man please for the love of what is good in this world.


No description needed just check the video out it is all there.


Right, I'm not going to say anything about this legendary submission just give it a watch.


This is a great idea that players did for the players. Possibly an event idea? Let us know and check it out.

Congratulations to all of the winners and keep an eye out on your e-mails in the next few days for the details on your prizes.

If anyone is unhappy with the results feel free to contact me on Discord so I can ignore it. Cheers.


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