SCUM SCUM - Hotfix for a hotfix & SCUM Comic #16




Yes, we all know what we did yesterday, and we're very sorry, so here we are trying to fix the issues. :)

Regarding yesterday's chaos, the patch that we deployed had issues with the base build system and in return it caused corrupted databases, so we had to revert to the older game version. This hotfix contains everything from the last one, plus some extras we added, and the fix for the issue that caused the problem. If you notice that items/base build elements/vehicles are gone, we are also sorry for that, but we aren't able to restore your lost assets. Unfortunately, such is life in early access.

  • Fixed the bug where you could see chests through cabin doors.

  • Fixed the bug where the flag area indicator would rotate with the flag.

  • Fixed the bug where items in chests disappeared on double click if inventory is full.

And here are the notes from the last update!

  • What do we have here? Another hotfix, because why not. Let's get into it!
    We added more base building elements, the first batch will be various furniture options for a cozier home.
    • Fixed the bug where some base building ingredients would have no fill sound.

    • Fixed the bugs that caused vehicles to drop in the ground and other irregular behaviour.

    • Fixed the bug where you couldn't loot bodies underwater.

    • Fixed bug where reloging with wall blueprint wouldn't load the blueprint correctly.

    • Fixed bug with weapon spread not updated by stance when equipped.

    • Fixed the bug where diving masks were invisible when you dropped them on the ground.

    • Fixed the bug where players were able to destroy flags and chests through walls.

    • Fixed the bug where you could build shelters in enemy bases.

    • Potential fix for voice chat crash.
    • Reduced base elements destroy time for drones.

    • Base building door frames now deal damage when walked on.

    • Interaction distance should now be the same in first and third person view.

    • Small client and server optimizations.

    • You can now double click to pick up items from chest and car inventory.

    • Added supporter only base flag.

Comic time! For those who just tuned in, here is a list of the previous issues:

And the newest page:

And as always...remember to test your games thoroughly before pushing a patch out!


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