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Hotfix timeeeee, nothing big went wrong so no need for panic (we have that more than enough, don't we?). So for what was the hotfix needed, well the build number 21000 is pretty, also we kinda messed up the M1.
  • You could load ANY type of ammo (different cal. bullets, arrows, etc..) into the M1. Now you can't do that anymore.

  • Fixed not being able to stack base building blocks

  • Disabled blinking lights on armed traps

  • Disabled trap warnings

  • Birds should spawn normally now

  • Traps no longer explode if hit by other explosions

Private server shoutout!!!!

The choice was not easy, there was a lot of servers to go through. That's why I decided to increase the number of servers from 3 to 4.

IMPORTANT: In this day and age where everyone can be mad about anything, please refrain from bad mouthing mentioned servers or people who play on them. Also this is not the last private server showcase, if your favourite is not here it will be at one point.

Also there is no particular order besides alphabetical order, so let's see what the server owners had to say about their servers.

Chaos Theory

Discord Link[]

The chaos here is nothing theoretical, it is real. The most advanced bot shop, advanced pvp and team tactics, developed large scale base building and shifted meta using resources obtained in pvp fights, large scale combat in custom warzones which bring you fame, wealth and glory are what makes it shine. Get to a drop point, pick up a gun and wreak havok to become top of the leaderboard. Active admins keep the server ticking with fast support and constant custom mechanic development to keep it fresh. The server is running for 2 and half years, from SCUMs first day of launch. Welcome to Chaos Theory - You have found home.

Seya (Serve owner) - "My goal is not to be rank one but to be the largest private scum community in existence"

Neat use of the Lorenz attractor

Scums of Anarchy

Discord Link[]

Scums of Anarchy offers a unique private experience based on Gang Warfare with tailored events to takeover Turfs within the map. We offer the prisoner access to their own bank account, FAME missions, Gang vs Gang events, vehicle/item shop access, RP only zones and custom scripts which feed player stats and kills to our Discord. As well as a LIVE kill leaderboard for the PvP orientated players, tier reward systems are in place for Gangs who control more Turfs and non-affiliate rewards for solo players who just like to enjoy the Island on a quieter scale. Scums of Anarchy has been around since Day One and continues to adapt to the ever changing island of SCUM.

Scum Survival

Discord Link[]

First Server SCUM in RUSSIA, created 563 day ago.
- We help new players, tell the main aspects of the game.

- Biggest Community, more 5000 Subscribers. In social networks - we introduce players to the latest news SCUM GAME.

- We protect players from cheaters and bag-users, not fair players!
We constantly monitor the players on the server, and in case of violations of the game process, on the part of the players - the use of bugs, cheats - we do not immediately take measures!

Cheaters - punish, ban. Some people manage to talk, find out the reasons why he did this and sometimes they talk about prohibited software, the data is transmitted to the developers.

- Each player, after the start of the game on the server, receives a guarantee that he will always have loot! There will always be clothes and weapons!
Even after the wipe!

We have developed a website on which the salary system works - the economy.
It is all free! We do not require money! NO donate!
The player plays - receives a salary, a wipe occurs - the player can use insurance and get game items after some time! Help!

- Often we organise interesting events - boxing, racing, capture, evacuation and more.

- The site has a system of player ratings.

- In the discord, game chat and kill statistics are displayed.
Even while not in the game, you can read the game chat, keep abreast of all events! Also see the killfeed...

- Some time ago we launched a game bot, the game process is more interesting tal! Players always have something to do!

- In case of any contentious issues, dishonest killings - the administrator will analyse each case, project a picture and give an answer!

- In the community we communicate with players, help each other with tips, tricks!

- No players admin - only 1 admin, No admin abuse, only GOLD Drone.

The Boom Boom Room 2.0

Discord Link[]

Why should you join The Boom Boom Room 2.0 SCUM Server?
Do you enjoy official servers? Then this is the place for you, we run almost official settings with exception of 500+ Puppets and 100 Vehicles.
Loot respawns a little faster, and no Admin abuse (logs shown on demand). Cheaters will be recorded and reported for a proper report that will result in GAME BAN
All questions are more than welcome at our community discord


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