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Good wait, it's Thursday?

So, we decided to move the patch day a bit. After over 60 patches that most were timed on Friday, we kinda think it maybe doesn't work the best.....yea.

Thursday will be the go to day for patches, in case the patch is broken and not ready for a Thursday release we will use Friday and Monday to fix it up and test, and it should be live on a Tuesday.

TLDR; Tuesday and Thursday are new patch days!

We reworked puppet stats for more variation and dynamic.

Fat puppets: are now slower but have higher HP and hit harder.

Muscular puppets: are slower to accelerate but pack a bigger punch and are more resistant to damage.

Armored police and military puppets: have been significantly buffed ( higher bullet and melee resistance, more HP )

Skinny puppets: are now much faster but do less damage and have lower HP.

Also we reworked spawners inside military POIs, puppets should spawn more reliably now and in greater numbers.

Hey kids....want some tree branches?

We added a new item you get when you cut trees (only the really big ones). Tree branch is a singular item, no need to collect anything or bundle anything, and its carried like a log, and doesn't fit into any backpack.

You can chop it down to get long and short sticks, as the biggest trees were giving only logs.

  • Fixed an issue where dropped items wouldn't be immediately visible in the vicinity.

  • Fixed the bug where crow meat would give you mostly water.

  • Fixed the bug where torches would burn way too short in rain.

  • Smoke grenades and flashbangs no longer disappear when thrown too far.

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't craft improvised mine if a bottle had 2 or less uses. A known bug is if your bottle has 0 uses, the game won't recognize it in vicinity so you need to manually select the ingredients and right click craft.

  • Fixed being able to slide underwater on a sledge.

  • Fixed recipes for trunk door frames.

  • Fixed blueprints sometimes being unfinishable.

  • Fixed the bug where level 2 of base door frames could be built just with long wooden sticks. Now you can use short sticks as well.

  • Added missing reload sound segments to improvised pistol and bolt action rifles.

  • Grenades now have less bounce.

  • Yeast uses reduced from 10 -> 5

  • Larvae and earthworms now digest much faster.

  • Increased earthworm spawning rate.

  • Reduced uses on baking soda from 50 -> 20

  • Increased weight of canned sardines.

  • Added foliage cut statistic, back button to statistics screen.

  • Torches don't show light fire interaction anymore if they have no fuel.

  • Instruments are now fixable with toolboxes.

  • Increased jock jacket capacity to 3x2 (was 2x2).

  • Added muzzle flash to sentry weapon.

  • Torches now extinguish when swimming or diving with them.

  • Replaced timed "show flag area" interaction with show/hide flag area interactions.

  • Changed flare ammo to yellow, so its not similar to shotgun shells.

  • Matched base walls names with recipe names.

  • Changed spawn rate on Batteries, making them more common to find.

  • Bolt action rifles got new reload sounds.

  • Balanced loudness for heartbeat and eat actions.

  • M1 got new outdoor reflection sound in relative to it's ammo caliber

  • Removed creepy well baby sounds...OR DID WE?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Regular client and server optimizations.

  • We enabled multi core audio rendering so all sound processing will be spreaded throughout all CPU cores, this should result in better performance on client side

And now for the end, a little video from our QA team for their 1 year anniversary!


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