SCUM SCUM - Patch & SCUM Comic #19



Hello everyone and happy Friday!! We have a new hot & fresh patch for you. That's right a Patch, not another goddamn hotfix. Time to break everything!

Also I don't know if any of you kept count but we did.
This will be our 50th patch total!!!!.
Hoooooraaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! Free drinks for everyone!
We want to thank you all for supporting us downthis road and we look forward to see you all with future updates.

Well without further lollygagging lets get this show on a road:

  • Fixed a bug that caused connection timed out to some players.
  • Removed Weird floating white box from level.
  • Fixed the bug where hair and beard would grow in Main Menu
  • Fixed the bug where canceling washing action wouldn't keep wash progress.
  • Fixed the bug where you can cook drinks, they now only loose durability.
  • Removed check taste function on drinks.
  • Disabled dragging items when unable to execute an action.
  • Disabled dragging items onto vehicles.
  • Fixed issues when destroyed base elements would destroy wrong neighboring elements.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera would mess up when eating or drinking in first person.
  • Fixed the bug where holstered weapons would disappear .
  • Fixed the bug where items would appear in vicinity trough base doors.
  • Fixed a bug where weapon attachments could be visually duplicated
  • Fixed a bug where weapon magazines wouldn't show bullets.
  • Fixed a bug where object searching would sometimes falsely report no items found.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets would not pass through car windows.
  • Fixed connection time out bug.
  • Fixed missing bases on server restart.
  • Fixed the bug where Survival stats would calculate calories intake wrong.
  • Possible bug fix to prevent item in hands to become huge in scale.
  • Fixed a visual bug on holstered and in-hands weapon widgets.

  • Admin users can now enable god mode for their user id in config using theirUserId[GodMode]
    Note: God mode means you cam build any blueprint without using materials, it does not grant invincibility.
  • Doubled the hair and facial hair growth time
  • Added show base flag area interaction

  • Improved Anticheat system.
  • Reworked base element saving to allow better server restarts and avoid database corruption.
  • Base elements storage optimization in database that will influence faster load.
  • Implemented better penis handling
  • Minor server optimizations
  • Added First Person run stop animation

That's right Tights! Male or female we don't care. Everyone gets some! We have black tights, white tights, leopard tights and tactical tights.All kind of tights. Have I mentioned we added tights yet?

So we all know the famous phrase "get gud" right. The problem arises when getting gud is being obstructed by a target that already got gud. So how a bout a nice safe target that cannot move and you can build in your cozy home. We added 3 targets models so you can practice your sharpshooting whenever you want without annoyances like other human beings or bears. Those goddamn bears...

What is this? Well this is an awesome overhaul that was in the works for some time now. In this game we really tend to go towards realism and the current shooting mechanics felt a bit... off. So an overhaul was made to implement
dynamic weapon movement in first person
See it here

We added around 280 animations for hand/weapon movement in first person which includes:
  • Gun sway when aiming around
  • Strafe left/right
  • Gun sway in iron sight mode
  • Idle and walk in iron sights mode
  • Weapon Burst sway in iron sights mode

But we won't stop there more is in the works and waits to be implemented soon:
  • Change fire mode
  • Check fire mode
  • Jump
  • Raise weapon when close to an obstacle
  • Change looking between iron sights and optics when weapon supports both
  • Dual magazines operating (yes, duck taped magazines )

To support new dynamic weapon movement we reworked red dot and holographic sights by adding a parallax effect to it. Now they behave more realistic and follow the direction where your weapon is pointed.

See it here

We are raising the standards so we started replacing all hand-animated weapon handling animations with Motion capture animations that will be recorded with the help of Croatian army weapon specialist so expect that in the future. For now all AK47 animations have been replaced to match new standards.
See it here

See it here

TGIF yaas! Time for a new page, page #19. Soon we will have enough to release chapter. We could have sold those but you deserve it for free so here is the latest issue.

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

That is all from us for now, hope you enjoy the new update.
Stay safe out there and see you soon: Baddie B. Beda

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