Who brought some cold ones?

Hello guys we brought for you a new basket of SCUM goodies in it. Let's gather around and see whats in!

  • We added a new base build element that gives you more room to scout around your base.

  • I have no idea why it's called like that, but I guess you can shoot at people from it.

  • A subtle way to express your emotions to your visitors. Announced or unannounced they can get a feeling what expects them!

  • But always Zimmer frei

  • We added a new group under options called "Game" we moved the concealed mode in there.

  • Also we added 2 new options to hide ingame announcements and to hide kill notifications.

  • Fixed the bug where footsteps didn't produce any sounds.

  • Fixed the bug that would cause crash when rail with attached red dot sight was moved to vehicle inventory

  • Fixed the bug where player after drinking would enter swimming animation.

  • Removed door claiming from a house that had crafting tools.

  • Fixed stamina exploit.

  • Fixed a crash when serialising base building data.

  • Snowman and BBQ can no longer be dropped around.

  • Fixed bug where you could destroy a flag through walls.

  • Fixed issue where a new flag area could overlap an existing flag area.

  • Fixed the bug where ammo in magazines wasn't synchronized for owner on login.

  • Fixed the bug where you would sometimes see the wrong base element when looking near cabin doors.

  • Optimized base data sync to minimize server - client desync.

  • Default palised walls have been increased for 1.5m.

  • Due communities feedback we reduced the weapon sway on handguns.

  • Added needle instead of sewing kit to animal skin quiver recipe.

  • Using actions when low on stamina takes more time to recover.

  • Using jump while running spends stamina without it recovering after.

  • Implemented fill interaction for base building well.

  • Reduced bounciness from grenades, smoke grenades and flash bangs on throwing.

  • Adjusted explosion damage amount to base elements.

  • Cars don't take damage in safe zones

Here is our newest page #20!

If you missed any pages you can find a full list here:

That is all from us for now, hope you enjoy the new update.
Stay safe out there and see you soon: Baddie B. Beda

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