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Is that a server wide admin announcement you see? You bet it is! Is it screenshotted with a view of Adriatic sea? Well, everyone is already there except us, so why not.

Today we have a real Quality of Life treat for you, so check out what's new in our latest update:

  • We all have to eat to survive and we all know that a static target is a dead one, so here is where our next QoL addition comes in.
    You are now able to move while eating or drinking in standing, crouching
    or prone position.

  • Except eating and not getting your head blown off in the process, hygiene is also an important part of surviving on SCUM island and that means wearing clean clothes and bandaging with clean rags is a must.
    Grab some soap, stand on a water surface and wash all the dirt away!

    • Soap now has 30 usages.
    • You need 10 usages to clean a completely dirty clothing item,
      2 usages for cleaning a dirty rag and 1 usage for a dirty rag stripe.
    • Wash option cleans an item for 10%, while Wash All cleans it
      until it's completely clean.
    • Soap needs to be selected in your inventory or you need to hold it in
      your hands.
    • Washing in salty(sea) water is disabled.
    • Remember not to go too deep into the water because you might lose
      your precious items.

  • You guys wished for the power of destroying your own window fortifications and your wishes are now granted. You can also see how much HP they have.

  • Speaking of windows, we added the infamous borderless fullscreen mode and that means you can now alt-tab peacefully.

  • You want to announce an event on your server? You want everybody to know that you'll spawn 100 puppets? Perhaps you want to send a love message to that invisible hacker?
    All of the above is now possible using one of three types of messages:

    Admin announcement message
    • Use #Announce followed by your message

    Welcoming message
    • A message shown every time someone logs in on a particular server
    • You can change it in the Basic Settings interface on G-Portal pages

    Message of the day
    • A message shown periodically
    • It is also changeable in the Basic Settings interface on G-Portal pages
    • You can change how often does the messages appear, default time is 60 minutes and minimum time is 10 minutes

  • We did an overall sound volume balancing, the game should be a bit louder in general and a lot of the sounds were tweaked accordingly.

  • Fixed the missing textures bug, the one with a grey chessboard pattern all over the map.

  • Fixed the bug where Scorpion 40# poundage was set to 35#.

  • Building anything on top of a vehicle is now disabled (it was easier than making the snowman melt).

  • Fixed the bug where you would shoot a single shot from M16 and hear 2 gunshots.

  • Disabled some more .ini exploits.

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to drag and drop an item onto an item in inventory, and it would add the item to the item inside the item (if that makes sense) - ©Jesus (programmer)

  • Removed the floating white cube.

  • The issue with AMD GPUs and Realtime Radiosity should now be fixed. Just make sure to update to the latest drivers

A Friday without the SCUM Comic is not a very fulfilling day, but fret not, Ivona has got you covered!
Take a look at all the previous pages in case you missed some:

After you are up to date, check out the newest edition, page 18:

Just as a reminder to our previous post, new server restart times are at 04:00 (4 AM) and 16:00 (4 PM) local server time.

That is all for this update and remember, you don't need any sunscreen if you stay indoors and play SCUM!

Much love,

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