Thanks DaveC and TPM.

Aug 10, 2017
Thanks for actively admin'ing Squad on saturday DaveCleasc.

Every time I heard someone else over comms say "oh yeah, must be free Squad weekend..." with no real reason I couldn't help but think 'don't worry, their attitude just put off more Squad newbs trying to learn the gameplay - so don't worry, they’ll be back to complaining about low server numbers in a week’.

Your input however, was helpful and a friendly contrast.:)

We don’t need to be admins to uphold decent player to player communications – a few players had a chat and were super friendly though in my 4hrs of game time. Thanks for that.

Maybe I’m just used to TPM’s super friendly Arma 3 Ops. :D
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Community Moderator
Squad Admin
Sep 26, 2016
Cheers!!! It was a little hectic at times over the free weekend, but there were plenty of new guys keen to learn the game.
Just doing my part to drop some knowledge on em and give them a good picture of how good Squad can be, or as close as was possible on a free weekend.

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