The Last Film You Watched:

The Big Short , is a good watch, but I love economics

and this is very well worth the watch Idiot box

"A pair of jobless mates living in the western suburbs of Sydney, who spend their days watching TV, get the notion that they can alleviate their boredom by planning and executing a bank robbery. Directed by David Caesar and stars Ben Mendelsohn, Jeremy Sims and Susie Porter in her film debut. (From Australia, in English) (1996) @SBSMovies #SBSMovies"
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Don't watch the trailers, or read about them, just watch them, if you don't like em come back and tell me :)

The.Rover.2014, filmed in South Australian.

"10 years after a global economic collapse that caused worldwide turmoil, the Australian outback is a lawless wasteland, crime and poverty are common and small military units patrol the outback attempting to maintain what little law and order are left."

Mud (2012) this is another one that you might not of seen , but its well worth the watch

Feb 18, 2016
Edge of Tomorrow was on the telly the other night, watched that.

Love that film.

They're making a sequel apparently with Emily Blunt? Send a bit silly; they could make any mil scifi film and put "from the makers of Edge of Tomorrow" and I'd go see it.

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