Tips, Tricks and Being Tacticool.

Jan 21, 2016
"Special-forces squads are built around the skills of the individual members. But no matter how good each member of the squad is, every mission comes down to one thing: how well they work together. Because in the end, you don't need a hero to succeed in the field. You need a team."

I'll start this as a repository for some things that I've found and reckon could be of use in Squad. Links for now, but I'll work on it and progress it along over time, so please excuse the lack of formatting.

Tactical Training by Max Velocity | Target Indication
This is a brief target indication guide, that's a bit of a read but worth it.

CBQ - Limited Penetration:

We introduced some methods of entry techniques, including Wrapping Corners, Crossovers and Limited Penetration room clearing, and I want to post up some vids of real world operators doing it for you to have a reference.

One Man Limited Pen CQB - While not great quality, this illustrates the lower tempo of an LP entry.

Cherries CQB: Limited Penetration 2 Man Drill: This is a well-drilled 2-man entry, that is the contrast to the above as the pace is so much quicker. In Squad this wouldn't be practicable, but if you drill enough the speed and accuracy could get close.
(Have to watch this one on YouTube)

Reaction to Contact:

This is Polenar Tactical demonstrating a Reaction to Contact drill. What I like most is the aggressiveness and speed. In Squad we often have very poor reactions to contact because we don't drill it, we don't know how to, and we rarely suppress the direction of the contact, because we're conditioned to fire only when we see the enemy.

Look at it from an enemies point of view: if I start to engage one target and I'm on my own, or separated from my squad, and the enemy reaction is to throw two hundred rounds of lead my way, I'm either going to get hit or so suppressed that I'm combat ineffective. Okay, you don't need to expend a mag each, but you get my point, right? Superior aggression and delivery of lead is ensuring a good defence is achieved by a good offence.

Magpul Dynamics - 2 Man Reaction to Contact Drill

These guys are pros, and how they communicate as well as fight, goes hand in hand with teamwork. The reaction is fast, aggressive, but controlled and focused. When they move, they call "moving!" so you know what your buddy is doing. In the middle of a firefight it's important to communicate, to let your teammates know what you see, and what you're doing about it.

Centre Peel Break Contact Drill
Looks like some Aussie PMCs doing a Centre Peel drill. In essence, this is a cover and movement drill; two or three cover, while the fourth bounds back and the process repeats.

Limited Penetration Room Clearing - Cherries CQB

This is a sample of the first video from Cherries CQB on room clearing. Aaron Cohen talks from years of training experience, and while it is focused on real world operations, there are some great points here to apply to Squad.

Also this from Cherries:
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Mar 5, 2011
Bloody brilliant idea! Can we get something on supressive fire / leap frogging? People love to mag dump at stuff, but if we could start doing it in the right manner it would be great!
Jan 21, 2016
19/02/2016 - New additions:
  • Reaction to Contact
  • Centre Peel Break Contact Drill
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Learning how to have communication skills is another! To often you hear people yell all sorts of garbage without any help to the rest of the squad.
Feb 6, 2008
at the start of the round you only need 1 person on the flags to cap from neutral... big thing i've always tried to push is have all the squads push a middle ground, setting up for the advance... so if your squad leading send 1 guy to a first cap tell the other squads to do the same.. unless they are fortafying defensive 9/10 times it puts your team in a better position to secure a win/middle flag
Jan 21, 2016
If anyone is around tonight and wants to hang out on the range, we can talk comms, call-outs and target indication and referencing.


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Sep 26, 2016
I really think we need to start guiding more people to information like this.
Great post Mak

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