HLL Update 18/05/18

Hot of the press from the Devs!

We are almost (once again) set to push this next update. As a team we always aim to deliver something that is fun to play and gives the best representation of our final vision. We want you all to be able to play HLL and know it's a lot faster to get you back in and help us test and bug find, but as we continue to develop we move fast and break things and have to manage this accordingly.

This is how we in-visioned the Closed-Alpha to be and so far it has really gone according to plan. We will now be able to analyze and gauge what the likely Early Access release month will be and will followup on this very soon.

All this being said when we do release the next update some aspects may not be perfect. Animations, sounds or game features still may not be indicative of that final vision, but we feel we are well and truly on the right track and development is full steam ahead as we start to grow the team and move towards EA.

We did some testing today and found some issues that are more annoying than actually game critical. So at this point it is still yet to be determined, but we hope by either the end of this weekend or the early start of next week we will be pushing the update. When we do we would love for all of you who have supported us, to jump in and play some HLL and help us work through and identify those critical bugs and test new features.

We will try and give as many hours/days notice as we can before we set the update live. We will aim to release a change log with new features and fixes in advance.

It has been really motivating for the team to see the level of interest and engagement from both within and outside of the community. We work trough a plethora of messages and emails on a daily basis and are still working through a backlog of these. As we are a small but growing team, we appreciate the patience everyone has shown and will make sure we prioritize and answer as many of these as we can.

Also there has been significant progress being made on our Hürtgen Forest, Foy and Utah beach maps which we will share some content about shortly.

But for now, look forward for more pew pew among the hedgerows!
Cheers The Black Matter Team



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