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Hey everyone,

Thank you for your patience whilst we worked on this Hotfix, the team have been working flat out to get it live and have already started work on a Hotfix v2 to address anything v1 misses and more.

Below are today's Hotfix notes -

The Hotfix will address the most common crashes, as well as include optimisation for Carentan that will improve frames across all machines.
  • Optimisations for Carentan and all new assets present.
  • Optimisations for player models (will list frames across all maps - especially in high population servers).
  • High certainty fix for Client Crash 01
  • Speculative fix for Client Crash 02
  • Ongoing investigation Client Crash 03 (this may be tied to or solved by the fix for CC02)
We are still investigating a couple of crashes and FPS drops, but we hope this HotFix is a big step in the right direction as we work to resolve any issues that Update 7 introduced.

Your feedback has been key in helping us find a solution and we'll be combing through Steam, Reddit, Social Media and our Discord to see how this Hotfix has landed.

Also a big hello to all our new free weekend players, we hope you're enjoying your first tours on the frontline - apologies if you encountered any of the above issues, we always jump straight onto bugs reported by the community!

See you on the frontline!

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