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We are pleased to announce another update to the public branch of Post Scriptum. This update includes two major additions being the Radio Regroup overhaul and the addition of new bunker deployables for Logistics across all factions

-Gameplay: Regroup Call overhaul -Gameplay: Removed MP40 from Medics -Added: New Smoke FX for German grenades -Added: New bunker deployable for all factions -Added: Morris C8 to Driel (S01, S04, S08, D01), Oosterbeek (S01, S03, S09, D02) & Doorwerth (S03, S06, S08) -Added: Audio for Radioman radio when using regroup call refresh -Added: Larger peep hole for Lee Enfield -Fixed: Sdkfz 222 Radial Damage -Fixed: Town Building Mesh window material being transparent -Fixed: Correct gear for UK Tank Crews -Fixed: K98 Scoped dry reload animation

Regroup Call Changes
After testing and feedback, we have decided to change the Radio Regroup call deployment system which is now live in this update. This can be activated from the T menu as Section Leader.

The Section Leader will no longer be the spawn point, but a deployable object instead. This will drop a Radio Tent on the ground where your section members will be able to respawn.

Once the radio is dropped it will allow your section mates to spawn on it. The Regroup Call will last a certain amount of time depending on where you place it. You can add to the amount of time by hitting the refresh button in the T menu when either standing next to the existing Regroup Call tent or anywhere if you are in range of a radio. If enemies get near your tent it will disable spawns and you must clear out those enemies to reactivate it. The enemies can destroy your tent with any explosives.

Radio Regroup Call Restrictions
INSIDE RED ZONE With no radio nearby 120 seconds Radio 240 seconds OUTSIDE RED ZONE With no radio nearby 240 seconds Radio 360 seconds REFRESH WITH RADIO REMOTELY +120 seconds REFRESH ON THE TENT +120 seconds Cannot be used inside a flag and it can be deactivated if enemies are nearby. A grenade will destroy it.

In other news we have also started testing the US Airborne Faction to all owners of the Post Scriptum Supporter Edition. Keep an eye on our social channels for more updates on our next test!

~ Periscope Games

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