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First off we want to thank every body for the excellent Free Weekend and StackUP event in Post Scriptum! We are very happy to see such positive reception of our latest update with the US Airborne.

We have also extended our -25% off sale which will last until Wednesday, Nov 14th at 1PM EDT / 7PM CEST / 6PM GMT

The main branch has just been updated with a new patch that adds a number of new objects you can use as Logistics along with new layers of maps.

Changelog - V 1.0.156

-Add: Set of fortifications and barricades for Logistic -Add: Personal sandbag to provide more cover -Add: Velmolen AAS 06, 07, 08, 09 -Add: Arnhem AAS 02 -Gameplay: Velmolen AAS tickets increased 400->500 -Fix: Velmolen AAS 05 Out of Bounds issue -Fix: Arnhem AAS 01 construction truck missing -Fix: Arnhem AAS 01 rebalance the bridge for US -Fix: Missing lighting on Oosterbeek AAS 01 -Fix: M1 Carbine and M1 Garand swing values tweaked on low stamina (match GER and UK) -Fix: P38 zeroing -Fix: M1919 Browning recoil on bipod going right on fire -Fix: MG42, MG34, Bren to be easier to use in bunkers -Fix: Radio Tent origin to clip less through the landscape -Fix: Bomb now explode on barn roof -Optimization: Wrecks will automatically despawn after 5 minutes -Optimization: Tank 3D tracks FX

New Barricades / Fortications

New Map List
Arnhem AAS 01 Arnhem AAS 02 Arnhem Single 01 Arnhem Single 02 Velmolen AAS 01 Velmolen AAS 02 Velmolen AAS 03 Velmolen AAS 04 Velmolen AAS 05 Velmolen AAS 06 Velmolen AAS 07 Velmolen AAS 08 Velmolen AAS 09 Velmolen Single 01 Heelsum AAS 01 Heelsum Single 01 Heelsum Single 02 Heelsum Single 03 Heelsum Single 04 Heelsum Single 05 Heelsum Single 06 Heelsum Single 07 Heelsum Single 08 Heelsum Single 09 Heelsum Single 10 Oosterbeek AAS 01 Oosterbeek Single 01 Oosterbeek Single 02 Oosterbeek Single 03 Oosterbeek Single 04 Oosterbeek Single 05 Oosterbeek Single 06 Oosterbeek Single 07 Oosterbeek Single 08 Oosterbeek Single 09 Oosterbeek Single 10 Driel AAS 01 Driel Single 01 Driel Single 02 Driel Single 03 Driel Single 04 Driel Single 05 Driel Single 06 Driel Single 07 Driel Single 08 Driel Single 09 Driel Single 10 Doorwerth AAS 01 Doorwerth Single 01 Doorwerth Single 02 Doorwerth Single 03 Doorwerth Single 04 Doorwerth Single 05 Doorwerth Single 06 Doorwerth Single 07 Doorwerth Single 08 Doorwerth Single 09 Doorwerth Single 10

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