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Hello everyone!

We are pushing another patch for the weekend. Here is the changelog for it.

-Gameplay: Tickets from 800 to 400 on all layers
-Gameplay: Radioman and Sapper are now equipped with G41 and G43
-Gameplay: Strafe run are activated after 0 seconds for faster call in

-Add: New lighting and shader on Driel and Doorwerth (should improve GPU and CPU performances)
-Add: Localization SPANISH (previous one didn't work)
-Add: New sounds for Radio
-Add: New Infantry sandbag model

-Fix: Mines can no longer be placed on characters
-Fix: MSP/Red zone alignement issue. MSP should now match completely the red zone

In the next update, we will add a few new game mechanics for the Logistic section.
We have received many feedback about logistic members being able to build constructions and deployables.
We totally agree with this feedback and decided to start working on it.
All deployables and constructions will be accessible to the section member, except for the FOB that only the logi leader can deploy.

We will also add a new mechanic to PS, the "Ammo Dump". This is something that can be deployed from the construction truck.
It will cost 500 supplies and will act like a Construction Truck.
Drop the Ammo Dump anywhere on the map and you now have 500 construction point within a 70 meter radius. They can be used by any Section Leader to deploy constructions as well as emplaced weapons.

This next update will also bring a resource counter to the UI so you know exactly how many resources you have left inside the truck and inside the ammo dump.

We believe that these three additions will be more than welcome by all the Logistic players out there.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments or on Discord where we have our #Feedback channel.

Thanks to all of you for your support and we'll see you soon!


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