Squad v11 Testing!

Dec 1, 2014
Hey all!

We're feeling pretty good about the state of the patch -- it's not perfect, but it's playable and shaping up nicely -- so we wanted to extend playtesting, both in time and amount. Soooooooo... If you'd like to test v11:

1. Open Steam

2. Right-click on Squad in "Library"

3. Select properties.

4. Navigate to the Betas tab

5. Input aremapsbrokenornot as the branch password. <---- PASSWORD IS ON STEP 5!

6. Select the public-testing branch from the drop down list

7. Download! You may have to restart Steam if nothing happens.

From there, check your Custom tabs in-game and you should be able to find a server.

We recommend clearing your settings cache! Click here to learn how.

The patch notes aren't finished yet, but a11 contains... The British! You can now cruise around Kamdesh in a stylish British Warrior IFV. Which also has the first iteration of the new vehicle damage model. But wait, there's more!

(P.S. the password is aremapsbrokenornot)

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