Squad Vote For Your Favourite Maps/Layers

Choose your 10 preferred SQUAD Maps/Layers

  • Al Basrah AAS v1

  • Al Basrah Conquest v1

  • Al Basrah INS v1

  • Al Basrah Invasion v1

  • Al Basrah Invasion v2

  • Al Basrah PAAS v1

  • Al Basrah PAAS v2

  • Belaya AAS v1

  • Belaya AAS v2

  • Belaya AAS v3

  • Belaya Invasion v1

  • Belaya Invasion v2

  • Belaya PAAS v1

  • Chora AAS v1

  • Chora AAS v1 INF Night

  • Chora AAS v2

  • Chora Conquest v1

  • Chora INS v1

  • Chora Invasion v1 Night

  • Chora PAAS v1

  • Fool's Road AAS v1

  • Fool's Road AAS v1 INF

  • Fool's Road AAS v2

  • Fool's Road AAS v3

  • Fool's Road AAS v4

  • Fool's Road Conquest v1

  • Fool's Road Skirmish

  • Gorodok AAS v1

  • Gorodok AAS v1 INF

  • Gorodok AAS v2

  • Gorodok AAS v3

  • Gorodok AAS v4

  • Gorodok Invasion v1

  • Gorodok Invasion v2

  • Kamdesh AAS v1

  • Kamdesh AAS v1 INF

  • Kamdesh INS v1

  • Kamdesh Invasion v1

  • Kamdesh Invasion v2

  • Kamdesh PAAS v1

  • Kohat AAS v1

  • Kohat AAS v1 INF

  • Kohat AAS v2

  • Kohat INS v1

  • Kohat Invasion v1

  • Kokan AAS v1

  • Kokan AAS v2

  • Kokan INS v1

  • Kokan PAAS v1

  • Logar PAAS V1

  • Logar Valley AAS v1

  • Logar Valley AAS v1 INF

  • Logar Valley INS v1

  • Logar Valley INS v1 Night

  • Mestia AAS v1

  • Mestia AAS v2

  • Mestia Invasion v1

  • Mestia Invasion v2

  • Mestia PAAS v1

  • Narva AAS v1

  • Narva AAS v2

  • Narva AAS v3

  • Narva Invasion v1

  • Narva PAAS v1

  • Narva PAAS v2

  • OP First Light AAS v1

  • Sumari AAS v1

  • Sumari AAS v1 INF

  • Sumari AAS v2

  • Sumari AAS v3

  • Sumari INS v1

  • Sumari ITC v1

  • Yehorivka AAS v1

  • Yehorivka AAS v1 INF

  • Yehorivka AAS v2

  • Yehorivka AAS v3

  • Yehorivka Invasion v1

  • Yehorivka Invasion v2

Results are only viewable after voting.
Due to the large number of complaints with-in the Squad community, we would love everyone's help for making BigD's map rotations better.

To improve our rotations, we ask that you take a couple minutes to look through all the Maps/Layers in our poll and vote your ten favourite maps.
We hope that this will help us when selecting maps for our future rotations.
The votes from this poll will be a massive help and it would be much appreciated to have as many people as possible vote on it.

As a sweetener and helping the community out, those who do vote on this poll you will receive 30 Days Reserved Slot access on BigD SQUAD Servers, just make sure you have your Steam account linked to your BigD web account here: https://www.bigdgaming.net/account/connected-accounts/

Additionally, due the the complaints all INS, ITC, and Conquest layers have been removed from our rotations at this time.
These game modes in there current state don't play well, either because they have too many tickets and drag on or because people don't like having the team spread into 1 on 1 squad fighting, that is caused from having too many caps to fight over at the same time.
We are also looking to limit or remove the PAAS layers, because of the same reasons.

If you are having trouble remembering or just need a refresher on what each layer looks like, check down below for images of all the different layers.

Love from your Lonely Wolf and the Senior Squad Admin Team.
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