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Hey all!
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, the main reason behind this is the progress on the editor, I also want to thank you all for your patience and for still supporting us! We are working all day every day and understand the pain of waiting for things you want super bad, This weekend we have to fly across the country for a wedding and i think you are all entitled to know whats going on and when we are out of the office (tiny room in our home xD).

We will still be working while over there (book work and sketching) so don’t stress too much!

So, what is to come?
We now have workshop working with the ability to save/load and publish maps to the workshop with images (taken using cameras in game) Publishing maps takes no time at all maybe a second or two and downloading maps also only takes a few seconds which now allows players to join custom workshop maps instantly.

We currently have 5 themes working and will have 6 very soon once the Graveyard set is ready.
Along side the assets we already have in the classic game we now also have a ton of extra assets which is super exciting, these items also include revamped old assets such as the housing in forest!
;) There will be hundreds more to come as well!

Forgive my terrible map but this is a quick example of what you can currently build, We still need to work on backgrounds, skybox’s and more visual assets to flesh out the environments.

So whats left?
Currently we need to get the loading of maps working in the game so you can play multiplayer, a lot of bug fixes for example scaling of objects is glitched but still works with T and drag, we want to include a CTL-Z feature hopefully that wont be too difficult and we also want a butt load of assets per theme so there is a huge variety for you all. :)

Fingerscrossed all of this goes perfect and we dont run into too many issues but as usual i cannot give an ETA on the next update or the editor due to everything being trial and error.

Hockey achievments will come next update!
I want to thank you all for the support and for waiting this long, we know its taking a long time but this is our first game and there is only 3 of us making everything from scratch. it will be worth the wait!


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