Squad Weekend Roundup, 4/11 Edition


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Hey soldiers!

The weekend approaches! Let’s greet it the best way we can: armed to the teeth. Prepare your tactics by checking out some of the great matches and events going on this weekend.

April 11
5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 12/4 )
Squad Ops: SOTT Advanced[squadops.gg]

Bonus Fact: The ill-fated Apollo 13 mission[en.wikipedia.org] launched today in 1970.

April 12
12:30 PM PT (1930 UTC)
Blood Bound SquadZ Mod Night[discord.me]

5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 13/4 )
Squad Ops: Operation Country Mile[squadops.gg]

6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 13/4 )
Avalon Company Troopers Mod Night[discord.io]

April 13
11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)
Squad Ops: Operation Grit[squadops.gg]

2:30 PM PT (2130 UTC)
Squad Ops: SOTT Basic[squadops.gg]

April 14
2:00 AM PT (0900 UTC)
SWC: Unity+OC vs Productive Game[www.toornament.com]

11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC)
SWC: FAOB vs Source of Quality Directives[www.toornament.com]

5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 15/4)
Squad Ops: Operation Silent Serpent[squadops.gg]

See you next Thursday, squaddies. Enjoy your weekend!

Offworld out.

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