Squad Weekend Roundup, April 4 Edition


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Hey soldiers!

Anybody else still recovering from PAX? What a weekend! Speaking of, we’ve got a whole ‘nother one looming on the horizon. Let’s see what’s going on!

April 5

12:30 PM PT (1930 UTC)
Blood Bound Troopers Mod Night[discord.me]

April 6

11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC)
Squad Ops: Operation Jinx[squadops.gg]

2:30 PM PT (2130 UTC)
Squad Ops: SOTT Basic[squadops.gg]

5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 7/4)
Squad Ops: Operation Sidestep[squadops.gg]

April 7

Bonus Fact: The Japanese Battleship Yamato was sunk on this date in 1945.

6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 8/4)
Squad Ops: SOTT Leadership Practical[www.squadcharityleague.com]

Looking Ahead

Sneaking in on the other side of the weekend, the Squad Community Cup will kick off on April 9th! Join their Discord[discordapp.com] or check our calendar[joinsquad.com] for more information.

There should also be a couple of Squad World Championship matches that are as yet unscheduled. Hit their page[www.toornament.com] for the latest.

Rebound Gaming[reboundgaming.network] should have an announcement in just a few days as well.

Enlist Today: Troopers Official Server

High Command has issued a notice for all potential citizens: There is now an official Troopers Mod server! You can find it in the Custom Server tab, right after installing the Troopers Mod from Steam Workshop.

Offworld out.

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